How to strengthen your Wi-Fi network both at work and home?

How to strengthen your Wi-Fi network both at work and home?

Wi-Fi has made communication and connectivity as simple and fast as possible globally. It has helped us to stop being chained to any desktop or other stationary device and allowed us to remain connected with the online world we love with almost no issues. But Wi-Fi isn’t aloof from its own flaws which might result in the slower network speed, poor network reception to any number of issues which can turn a huge spoilsport all of a sudden.

Here are some of the best ways to resolve some common issues and boost the Wi-Fi both at home and work.

1. Always make use of the latest Wi-Fi technologies

If you want to enjoy best network reception with your Wi-Fi then make sure that router or other hardware is up-to-date with the latest software updates from the manufacturer. Rather than having a single router present in the home you can even opt for mini Wi-Fi- router network within your home for better network reception. Nowadays tech firms like Google and Luma are offering a mesh network router wherein it places the small router in different rooms to offer a blanket of Wi-Fi network to you.

2. Find the best spot to place the router

Wrong or bad placement of the Wi-Fi both at home or office can seriously limit it overall connectivity potential and results in offering a below-par connectivity solution. Routers aren’t stylish or a wonderful tech piece which can be showcased to all but still you have to keep in the full view rather than hiding it somewhere in the corner. Place it right in the open away from the walls and obstructions in its path so signals can travel freely throughout the surrounding. The best way to place a Wi-Fi is to place it on a wall mount but make sure it isn’t the corner of the room.

3. Remove appliances interfering with the Wi-Fi signals

There are a number of household appliances which can cause interference to the Wi-Fi signals emitting from the router. This includes cordless phones, microwaves, and other appliances. Therefore buying a dual router will be a sensible option if you have a multitude of electrical appliances in your home or office. If you don’t wish to invest in another router then it will be better to keep your router right away from the interfering appliances.

4. Keep your Wi-Fi secure

Most of the people simply don’t give much thought to the security of their Wi-Fi network. If your network is open without any passwords then it’s highly likely that your neighbours and others will sneak into your network to make the best use of it. That isn’t a good thing either for your network or data security, therefore, opts for setting up a password to protect Wi-Fi network against such incursions.

Top 3 On Hold Marketing Ideas You Should Try Today

Top 3 On Hold Marketing Ideas You Should Try Today

Most of the small businesses fail to understand the advantage the on-hold marketing offers to them in the long as well as short run. On-hold messaging is simply seen as a basic or unproductive communication tool which serves very little to the organisation. The basic reason behind unproductive on-hold marketing strategy is that such systems are designed to ‘greet, help & direct and thank’ users and it also acts a buffer to keep users occupied while waiting for the representative.

On the contrary the small businesses should use the on-hold marketing systems to ‘promote, advertise and sell’ thereby effectively turning your phone system into an active salesman. Here is the top 3 on-hold marketing which you should try today.

1. Provide facts which lead into product introductions

A number of researches have shown that educated customers are more likely to make decision quickly and they happen to be highly confident about their purchases. Business should utilize their on-hold messaging by providing information to the callers which allows them to see the benefit of certain product or service. This is one of the most widely used on hold marketing tactic while helps in boosting the overall sales of the said product or service in question.

2. Stress the urgency of time-sensitive offers

Time is critical for business and so is true for the consumers. When customers are calling from your location of business then they are just a step away from buying products and services with you. But you have to guide them to make than purchasing decision and it can be done by offering highly time-sensitive offers which urges them to act fast. Time-sensitive offers are known to offer great conversion rates to the business with on-hold marketing but it shouldn’t be forceful or misleading in any form as you will up in irking your loyal customer base.

3. Show customers how you can solve their problems

It is worth noting that customers don’t know how certain product or service going to solve their problem. Businesses should make use of the on-hold messaging to inform users how their product or service works towards addressing their problem and providing a solution for the same. This will help in not just introducing the product or service to caller but it also gives them a better understanding on how it can help in eliminating the problem in question.

If you’re interested in setting up a reliable on-hold marketing service for your business, try V4 Telecom UK’s on-hold marketing service apart from the hosted telephony services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.

Advantages of Switching to Hosted Telephony Systems

Advantages of Switching to Hosted Telephony Systems

If you are using the age-old PBX system within your enterprise then the time has come to make the move to the hosted solution in order to reap benefits of the cloud services. Hosted telephony is new age booming service which can be described as a telephone system wherein it resides specifically in the cloud rather than in the office.

All the users are able to access the system through IP handset or even the virtual phone with headset. All the communication with the hosted telephony services are made and received over the usual broadband connection right to the Gamma network. In short hosted telephony is the way of future and it is actively taking over the traditional telephone system.

The hosted telephony systems are quite tempting and here are some of the advantages which your business can reap from making the switch right now.

1. Lower the costs dramatically

Everything associated with the yesteryear PBX system from setup, installation to upgrading is quite expensive when compared with the modern hosted telephony system. Most of the businesses make the wrong move of upgrading or extending their existing traditional phone system which eventually cost more than deploying a hosted telephony setup at the modern offices. Hosted telephony setups are also known as VoIP systems which often comes with free or inclusive call packages when it bundled by a reputed telecom provider.

2. Feature Rich Communications

Hosted telephony brings wide range feature rich communications ranging from the conference calls, mobile communications to the instant messaging. This allows the remote employers to get into conference calls from their locations without surmounting the communication bills for the enterprise. You can even broadcast messages to different groups with exclusive VoIP packages. It even allows employees to reroute calls to any other phones to ensure that no calls are missed in any given situation.

The adoption of the hosted telephony systems had quadrupled in the recent past due to its cost effective benefits and the improvements made in the internet speeds and reliability of the modern networks. V4 Telecom is one of the best hosted telephony providers in UK offering quality services backed with commendable customer support.

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Top 4 Ways to Deal with a Slow Internet Connection

Top 4 Ways to Deal with a Slow Internet Connection

A slow internet isn’t an option in this modern fast paced world we live. It can jeopardize your project; destroy your productivity and leads to huge financial losses. As one of the best telecom company in UK our experts’ lists down some of the top ways to deal with a slow internet connection in an effective fashion.

1. Check your speed and plan – At first check the speed you are getting from your broadband provider and match it with your current plan. Sometimes users get slow internet connection because they have opted for a slow internet plan. Simply go to the, run a speed if it matches with the what you’re paying for then it fine otherwise ask your broadband provider look into the issue.

2. Troubleshoot the hardware – A number times quick resetting the network devices like modem or router helps in resolving the slow internet connection. First check whether the wiring, then the network devices and finally your computer or laptop. Simply troubleshooting your computer or router is more than enough to get back your internet connection quickly.

3. Strengthen your Wi-Fi Signals – Most of the users make use of the internet through WiFi and even they suffer from slow internet connection mainly due to interference in the wireless signal. If your router and internet is fine then it most likely that your WiFi is going through some interference which is the major reason behind the slowdown. There are a number of ways to boost the WiFi signals through changing the position and placement of the router away from the walls and in the centre of household or making use of WiFi to enhance the signal strength in large homes.

4. Get rid of bandwidth hogging apps and plugins – If everything is working fine and you are still dealing with a slow internet then it is time to look into the bandwidth hogging apps and plugins. You should note that downloading files with Bit torrent will result in slower web browsing experience. Similarly having multiple browser plugins or apps which continuously feeds onto your internet connection will result in slower internet connection. It is better to install extensions like FlashBlock and AdBlock Plus as it will help in blocking some of the bandwidth hogging apps along with unwanted ads and videos which usually slows down the connection.

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Top 3 Things to Do With a Super-Fast Broadband Connection

Top 3 Things to Do With a Super-Fast Broadband Connection

When asked ‘why don’t you get a fast broadband?’ most of the people have a simple answer ‘I just browse the internet’. For millions of broadband users the purpose of accessing internet is basically limited to check upon the mails, shop and perform some online searches. They love to be stranded with slow networks which aren’t good enough for streaming videos or accessing content quickly. Here are 3 things which such users can do with a super-fast broadband network.

Back up your whole computer

If you have important stuff on your PC which needs to be secured or used frequently then you should consider backing up your computer. Users can upload all their files and folders on a secure cloud server using a cloud storage service. But it is only possible on a fast broadband otherwise you will have wait quite longer depending on the amount the data to put everything in the cloud.

If your PC breaks down more often which essentially lose your precious data then backing up is the only answer. Backing up online can be made an automatic affair wherein if you had accidently deleted file the kit can be retrieved back in the original state.

Work from home with ease

Using fixed line services such as a super-fast broadband you will be to work from home without with ease and simplicity. Super-fast broadband enables you to communicate, share and work with other online without missing on anything. You will be able to communicate with the colleagues and clients using the online webcam based services, sharing files through cloud storage services and running software on cloud servers simply becomes more accessible and easier with fast network connectivity.

Stream video online

You can binge watch your favourite shows with any unwanted buffering, lags or stuttering on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix using a superfast internet connection. You can even watch live TV and sports broadcast without missing on anything with a fast and reliable broadband connection. Using fast broadband on a SmartTV will help in unlocking the potential of the new age TVs.

We are hopeful that these reasons will help such user to move to a faster broadband network to unlock the better possibilities of internet.

If you’re interested in setting up a fast broadband network at your home or business, try V4 Telecom UK’s fixed line services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.

How you can check your broadband speed?

How you can check your broadband speed?

Millions of users enjoy broadband connectivity but everyone isn’t happy with the speed they are receiving. A recent study has also shown that about 10% broadband users in UK don’t get the speed promised by their internet provider. Furthermore the broadband speeds depends on a wide variety of factors which includes the quality of wiring, its distance from the exchange, number of joints in the wiring, time of the day, quality if Wi-Fi, placement of devices etc. It is widely believed that the best broadband speeds are received during late night hours when fewer users are contesting get a hold of the available bandwidth. A number of users simply don’t know how to check their broadband speed therefore we are providing the best way perform a speed test within seconds.

Casual & Serious Broadband Speed Test

You can choose from the casual test to serious tests in order to check your broadband speed. Casual test can be performed by simply opening up a browser on your PC. When an internet provider gives a speed limit then it means up to that speed and it doesn’t mean you will get that speed at all times. You are most like to remain in that up-to speed region signifying that your connection working at the optimum pace.

With an ADSL broadband connection you are likely to get 7Mbps speed, ADSL2 will offer 12-16 Mbps, FTCC broadband brings a massive 30 Mbps while cable connection gives 50 Mbps and mobile broadband comes with 20 Mbps.

Best sites to use for speed test

It is always better to make use of the local server in order to find the best speed offered by your existing broadband service. A local server offer lower latency or ping rate which happens to be best judge of the broadband speed. Users in the UK region can choose any of these websites to get most accurate results on their broadband.


These websites showcases the upload and download speed of the broadband connection along with ping rate and works well with all the popular browsers like Chrome, Edge and Mozilla. Thinkbroband website offers the most sophisticate results to the users along with a graphical representation.

Users should understand the results of these websites will vary sharply depending on the server, internet, local exchange and varied other factors. These websites offers best possible results and if it shows results way below the promised speed by your internet provider then you could ask them to enhance services at the earliest.

If you’re interested in setting up a wireless network at your business, try V4 Telecom UK’s fixed line services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.

Points to Consider Before Choosing the Phone System for Your Business

Points to Consider Before Choosing the Phone System for Your Business

Phone systems are extremely crucial for a business, because they are the primary channel of communication. The telephone allows existing and potential customers to contact you and it enables you to contact the people you want. In short, without telephones, your business communication will be reduced to Stone Age which won’t be quite detrimental.

How we can help you and your business

As the phone systems are so important, there are bound to be multiple service providers and the sheer number of them is bound to be confusing. So, you need some pointers to choose the most suitable option. At V4 Telecom, we have been providing telephone services for a long time, hence, we have both the experience and expertise to understand your requirements and provide exactly what you need. Moreover, our experts have compiled this list highlighting the points which will help you to make the right choice.

The points to remember

Before selecting the phone systems service provider for your business, it will be vital to consider a few points. They will help you to compare service providers and then choose the most suitable one. The points are:

•    The number of lines you will require
•    The number of extensions required
•    The features you would like to have in the phone system
•    The number of line provider sockets your establishment will require
•    Whether the phone systems can grow along with the growth of the business and the service provider can handle the pressure of requirement
•    Whether mobile phones needed to be integrated in the phone system
•    Whether you need call forwarding to mobile phones
•    Whether the employees working from need to access call forwarding, transfer and redirection facilities
•    Whether your business is looking forward to integrate the phone system with the existing IT infrastructure
•    Whether identifying customer details and dialing the phone numbers will be done from a computer and if yes, then whether you will need Computer Telephony Integration or CTI

Making a smart and informed decision

Some businesses opt for all of these features and some expand as it grows. So, you need to know if the phone systems you are choosing can deliver all these without overshooting your budget or not. Based on these questions and their answers, you can choose the perfect phone system for your business.

If you’re interested in setting up a wireless network at your business, try V4 Telecom UK’s fixed line services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.