Month: September 2016

Amazon Dash debuts in UK to simplify shopping for all

Amazon Dash debuts in UK to simplify shopping for all

Amazon Dash finally debut in UK and it will allow Prime users to buy fast moving consumers goods and other daily items such as cleaning supplies and other by giving a simple click.

Amazon Dash is simply Wi-Fi connected gadgets which can be placed near items which you would to purchase like toilet-roll holders, detergents and others. Amazon Dash is available only to the Amazon Prime customers at a cost of £4.99 each and on the first purchase Amazon will offer a discount of £4.99.


Amazon has collaborated with more than 40 brands like Kleenex, Wilkinson, Ariel and Andrex with its Amazon Dash service and very soon it will expand to more brands and products. Amazon Dash one-click buttons possess a reusable adhesive at the back along with a removable hook which can help in hanging or placing the device any as per your choice.

Amazon Dash enhances the user experience

Dash Buttons brings the unusual joy of 1-Click shopping from anywhere in the home. Customer cab place these cute looking Dash buttons anywhere as they but the best place would be near the products itself. Place it near the frequently used items and when you are getting low on the supplies then give a simple click on the Dash button and Amazon will deliver the goods before they run out.

How does Amazon Dash button works?

Just give a click on the Amazon Dash button and your order will be placed automatically. You will received a mobile notification with the details regarding delivery date and price. A green button will light up on the Dash to indicate successful order confirmation. In case you don’t need the product anymore or Dash has been clicked accidently then head on to the mobile app to cancel the order.

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