Month: October 2016

Reasons to opt for fixed line broadband packages for your SMB

Most of the small and medium enterprise succumbs to failure within a year of their establishment. There are numerous reasons which pave the way for eventual closing down of business. One of reason is ever-growing operation costs. In order to remain competitive in this cut-throat market, small business owners rely on selling their services at a fraction of profit but rising costs, finally makes it impossible to render services at such low prices. One of the major contributors to monthly expenses any SMB is telecommunication and broadband rentals. Opt for fixed line broadband and telephone packages to energise your business potential.

fixed line broadband
Re-energise your business with faster broadband with efficient customer support.

Fixed line is always better than Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband offers huge flexibility to the business owners but it comes with a number of restraints. Secondly fixed line broadband happens to be more powerful and highly reliable than mobile internet which can go haywire with the drop in network reception. Fixed line broadband doesn’t have any usage caps if you opt for an unlimited plan wherein business will get access to high-speed internet day in and out. Mobile internet packages are expensive, unreliable and come with a cap which can seriously limit a business owner.

Get business grade broadband

Fixed line broadband packages deliver business-grade broadband solutions backed with a commendable level of technical support. For any SMB every second counts because if you are disconnected with nets then you will lose prospective clients or customers. Better technical and on-site support means your problems and issues with the internet connectivity will be handled right on the spot. Faster broadband speed on other hand helps in increasing the productivity of the business to a new height.

Choose the package which fits into your budget

For SMB budget consideration is always given highest priority as they are competing against well-established business in the same market sphere. Fixed line broadband services come in a variety of packages which can be upgraded or degraded as per the need of the hour without causing much strain on the operational expenses.

Additional benefits of fixed line broadband

We had already stated about incredible super speed and after sales support but fixed line broadband also offers some remarkable add-ons. Three Way Calling, Ringback, Call waiting and various advanced features will be made available to the business to enhance their potential. Those businesses which wish to remain connected with their customers even when not in office then ‘call diverting’ feature help in getting calls right onto personal devices at any given moment.

Contract period usually begins from 12 months and can go for as long as 24 months wherein opting for a longer period of service usually brings huge discounts on the subscription. SMB requires agility in its business operations and activities which can only be harnessed through fixed line broadband services wherein up-time is ‘maximum’ and quick resolution of issues keeps business in the right state.

For any business landline and broadband connection are the primary means of connecting and interacting with the customers. Choosing the right fixed line broadband package will make a major difference between your success and failure.

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A quick history of Microsoft which led to awesome October Live Event

Over the last few years, Microsoft has tried to establish itself as a major competitor in the smartphone but failed to capture the attention of target audience. Microsoft has been associated with the success of its Windows operating system which is simply the most widely used OS globally. In a bid to bring this OS to the mobile Microsoft has acquired, rebranded, manufactured and distributed the Lumia smartphones. In last two years, Lumia smartphone has lost its steam and popularity due to poor specification and non-availability of a wider range of Lumia devices at different price points.

Microsoft October Live Event 2016
October Live Event shows that Microsoft is gearing up for a rebirth.

Microsoft has learned from its mistakes and diverted its focus back to the OS which led to the development of Windows 10 OS with continuum model wherein updates will help in upgrading the OS without the need of launching new OS after each couple of years. Thereafter Microsoft went towards popularising the Surface books which were first targeted towards corporate and business sector but its promotions shifted to the wider audience.

How Microsoft fares today?

Microsoft Windows OS Market Share 90.85 % in 2016 Went below 91% for the first time in years
Microsoft Mobile OS Market Share 0.4% in Quarter 2 of 2016 Fell from 1.4% in 2015
Microsoft Smartphone Market Share Less than 1% Sales took a plunge of 70% in Quarter 1 of 2016

Microsoft launches a slew of cool gadgets at October Live Event

Microsoft has finally set its priorities straight through completely foregoing with launching any more underperforming Lumia handsets. This year’s October Live event has reflected that Microsoft has settled upon increasing the potential of its Windows 10 OS along with bringing such products which can give a direct competition to the market leaders.

Surface Studio desktop: A challenger to Apple iMac

Microsoft has unveiled its new convertible desktop which brings a futuristic design and looks & happens to give direct competition to the Apple’s iMac devices. Surface Desktop can be easily folded down and has massive touch display of 28-inch with just 12.5 millimeters of thickness. Two options will be made available to the consumers i.e. i5 and i7 processor-based variants with up to 32 GB of RAM and 4GB of GPU from NVidia at a price of just $3,000.

SurfaceBook: Microsoft answers to Apple’s MacBook

Microsoft has unveiled its first laptop named SurfaceBook. It comes with clamshell hinge and boasts the popular 2-in 1 design and high-end specification which renders impressive processing power. It has a battery life of 16 hours which has become a talking point and priced at just $2,400.

Windows 10 OS gets amazing update

Microsoft is bringing Creators Update in January 2017 for free where users will get some seriously meaningful features for various applications. Age old MS Paint will get a big update wherein 3D drawing capabilities will be boosted while PowerPoint will get 3D modeling. Windows phones will feature the 3D scanning right out of the box and beam broadcasting feature will be brought to Xbox Live.

Virtual Reality will be made available to everyone

After making HoloLens available for the consumers Microsoft is gearing toward tweaking its apps to feature the 3D capabilities. This will result in pushing forward the ‘mixed reality’ experience to the consumers without the need of any additional hardware.

In-short Microsoft is on the path of bringing new exciting products, features, technologies and as well as products which catches the consumer’s fancy and helps in driving the revenue.

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Top 2 Britain’s Richest Entrepreneurs

UK has been a center of world’s business activity since the industrial revolution and it is a home to millions of entrepreneurs. Here are the top 3 Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs whose story can inspire you to take the next big step towards starting your own venture.

Britain's Richest Entrepreneurs
Get inspired to reignite your business idea and follow the path of these two richest entrepreneurs.

Philip Green & Cristina Green
$5.2 Billion Net-worth

Philip Green was a college dropout who started his first business by taking a $30,000 loan from his family. At the age of 21, he began importing jeans from Asia with a loan from family and currently he is the CEO of Arcadia Group. He invested heavily in clothing segment and establishment a number of retail chain stores which paved the way for earning a multi-billion dollar fortune. Some of the popular retail companies include Topshop, British Home Stores, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins.

Over the years Philip has been successful in taking his retail chains outside of UK and a number of his popular retail chain has become consumers in the whole of the European region. A large number of his retail stores remains in Europe and just about nine retail outlets in the North America. He works in London throughout the week but travels to Monaco on weeks to spend some time with his wife Christina.

Reuben brothers
Net Worth 10.1 Billion

The top position in the UK’s richest entrepreneurs is held by Reuben brothers. Brothers David and Simon Reuben are self-made billionaires who are aggressively working towards expanding their reach and business. They are regarded as a real estate and metal Moghuls in the UK. Their story happens to be an inspiration for millions of people around who wish to make a mark of themselves in the business world. They started their journey in the UK by trading metals and selling imported carpets in the early 1990’s then shifted towards real estate field along with making a valiant effort towards joining the Transworld.

At one point of time they were actively investing in the Russia and Kazakhstan metal industry and happened to control over 7% of the world’s aluminium trade. Currently both the brothers are making huge investments in the London’s West End through spending nearly £70 million for an office block on a 125-year lease. Unlike other popular entrepreneurs both the brothers like to remain extremely private when it comes to disclosing wealth or gracing the parties and dinners across the city.

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Apple October 27 Event: New Mac devices set to be launched

There has been no year since 1984 when Apple hasn’t released a Mac device. MacBook is among the elite computing devices which don’t give much threat to the rival firms or makes a dent in the laptop market. Still anticipation for the next MacBook builds up as Apple consumers are always looking for new high end high-end from it. Apple has already released refreshed version of is 12 inch MacBook just six months ago but October 27th Event is gearing up for the launch of Pro range of Mac series.

Apple will bring overall changes to the MacBook Pro from the design, size to internal components. Rumours have indicated that Apple will be bringing a new feature called ‘OLED display touch bar’ wherein users will get a row of digital button on the track-pad.

MacBook Pro launch in UK
Apple set to redefine the capability and looks of its MacBook Pro series.

Rumours surrounding MacBook Pro

A number of reports have suggested that new MacBook Pro versions will get four USB –C type ports at the loss of other types of ports. It should be noted that the 21-inch MacBook which was just few months ago had just two ports i.e. one USB-C type port and a headphone jack. Apple has done away with the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 which helped in streamlining its range of products across the category. Secondly, new MacBooks will be thinner than their predecessors but they will possess large track-pads.

Apple has so far offered the MacBook in its iconic matte aluminium finish but with year onwards consumers will get options to from different colours. It isn’t clear which colour options will be made available for MacBooks but it can be assumed that Apple will follow the iPhone by offering the silver, gray, gold and even rose gold finishes.

MacbBook Air & iMac devices

Apple will be bringing in a refreshingly designed 13-inch MacBook Air with a number of upgrades ranging faster components to integration of USB-C ports. It has been also rumoured that Apple will kill the 11-inch MacBook Air in order to clear way for new 13inch variant. Apart from this Apple is also working on iMac devices which will come loaded with AMD graphic chipsets.

Rumours also suggest that Apple will bring a revamped iMac device with 5K display capability along with an integrated GPU. It is worth pointing out that Apple has been lazy about updating the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini devices as they received the last update in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Launch date and pricing for UK

MacBook Pro will be launched on October 27 at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters at 10 a.m. local time which translates into 6 pm UK time. The cheapest device under this series is Retina MacBook Pro which comes at £999, 13-inch feature rich variants comes at a price of £1,199 and £1,399 while 15-inch models currently stands at £1,599 and £1,999. Apple is expected to offer similar pricing for UK with its new Macbook 2016 variants.

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The state of broadband services for SMEs in UK

Research has shown that about a fifth of the small businesses in UK are unhappy with their broadband speed. Most of the businesses are simply confused why they are not getting the kind of service which was promised at the time of contract signing. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that the fiber coverage done by the broadband provider for small business lags behind the residential market which ultimately results in poor service.

Broadband in UK
Small business needs better internet connectivity to realise its goals.

Residential premises get the access to 83pc while small businesses get around 68pc. Quite surprisingly small businesses located in the business park don’t receive much better internet connectivity as well. Such small businesses find it difficult to access speed above the 10MBPS which really affects their productivity levels.

The current state problems being faced by the SMEs

Small business broadband requirement differs widely from a home user but most of the broadband providers fail to understand this thing. Their broadband plans are made to cater the exclusive demand of the small business which results in opting for an expensive and less satisfactory broadband service. Broadband and Telecom providers in truth preys upon the small businesses by locking them into endless contracts for a below average internet connection which fails to fulfill their need. In case a small business tries to move out of this miserable service then their attempt is thwarted with the threat of a big fine.

News rules designed to bring transparency in broadband services

New rules have come into place which commits broadband provider into providing the accurate reading of the broadband speed. Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has come forward to highlight the plight of small business in cases of internet reception and it has fast-tracked a number of broadband provisions to improve the realisation of opportunities for SMEs. These new provisions will certainly help the small business in procuring better broadband speed from the internet providers and if providers do such then SME will be allowed to move on to other providers without penalty.

It is worth noting that more than half of UK small business now offers services online and in order to fulfill the services a sound, reliable and fast internet reception is the need of the hour. The government, internet providers and FSB have to come together solve the issues, bring new tools to enhance the services for the SMEs.

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5 beneficial apps to use every day

In the last few years smartphone has evolved into a multipurpose and high utility device which does more than just calling or texting people. Google’s Play Store & Apple’s App Store now offers millions of apps across the categories which leave users spoiled for choice. Here are few of the most beneficial apps which can be used on a daily basis.

best apps to use every day
Apps can add to your productivity but you have to find the right app.


Mint is one of the best financial apps to keep track on the daily spending habits. It brings all the financial instruments such as credit cards, bank accounts, investments and others at one single place to showcase a concentrated data. This will not just help you in tracking but it also allows you to create budgets, keep a history of purchases and produce reports on spending habits.

Google Maps

Google Maps are simply the best navigational app with tons of features which moving around a city lot easier. Over the years Google has brought a number of features on its app which includes directions, routes of public-transit vehicles, business listing along with the much-needed traffic updates.


Venmo brings one of the simplest ways of sending and receiving payments from friend and family members. A user is just required to type in the name, email-address and phone number into the app to send money to others. Simply putting the Venmo username can also do the job in an instant. While you are accepting please ensure that you know those people personally in order to keep yourself safe from fraud rackets.


Spotify is one of the widely used music apps which gives access to almost any song to the users. ‘Discover Weekly’ feature brings a customized playlist each week based on your music listening experience. This playlist brings new artist and latest songs in the fold that you will enjoy over the week. Spotify free version offers a limited choice when it comes to music and artists selection.If you opt for its $9.99 per month subscription then you will unlock the complete library of music labels from thousands of artists across the globe.


It is a smart weather which not gives information regarding the temperature and sunset but brings a comprehensive weather report. It brings the much-needed long-range 15-day forecast of the weather for any given city. Right on the app, you will get a clear summary of the weather as it is now but with a little bit of scrolling you will get to see how the weather will play during the rest of the day.

All these apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms as freemium though few are subscription based as well.

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Top 4 Text-To-Speech Apps for Android and iOS

Are you tired of looking at the screen all the time? Then get content ‘read out’to you through an app. There is a number of text-to-speech which can read out the content present either on the documents, online web pages or even in your notification. Check out four powerful and dynamic voice reading text apps for the Android and iOS platform.

Text to speech apps
Get freedom from staring at the screen with these interactive text-to-speech apps
  1. Voice Reading for Android

Voice Reading is a simple yet powerful text-to-speech client which easily read any kind of text present on your device. You can read ebooks, blogs, web pages and passed content from the URL by sharing it on the Voice Reading. It has a number of language options which can also help you in learning new languages.

  1. Pocket On Android

Pocket is a great app on Android possessing an inbuilt functionality for voice reading. Users are simply required to give a tap on the three dotted article while surfing the web and select Listen TTS option. The app will start reading the article in a gentle fashion. Users also get control over the playback and voice speed through a popup which helps in enhancing the overall experience.

  1. Natural Reader for iOS

Natural Reader as the name suggests can help in listening to anything from the eBooks, PDF’s to webpages. The advantage of using this app is that it can easily turn any printed document or eBooks into audio files for later usage. This can boost your productivity as it allows multitasking wherein you can listen to the eBooks and other content while walking, running or commuting. It also makes proofreading more effective for the concerned users.

  1. Listen to Pocket- Lisgo for iOS

If you are running low on time and couldn’t read your favorite blogs and articles then make use of this app. Lisgo will save the articles and URL’s for later reading and you can even make it read it to you while you do other tasks. Lisgo works on the devices running on iOS 8.

You can check out some of the great fixed line service plans from V4 Telecom which can help you in making most of these text-to-speech apps while at home or in office.

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