Month: March 2017

Is choosing hosted telephony beneficial for your business?

Is choosing hosted telephony beneficial for your business?

As the owner of a start-up or small business, you always need to look for ways to save money and use your resources efficiently. Communication is one of the areas where you need to invest both money and manpower. Small businesses often find such investment a little tough. Hence, hosted telephony is the perfect solution for them.

Learning about the concept

The concept of hosted telephony entails that the company offering this services takes care of both hardware and software, along with system update. Basically, your telephone system will be hosted in cloud. It is one of fastest growing technologies in today’s world and it is being used by businesses widely. If you are about to start a business or have one and are looking for an efficient telephone system for better communication, then hosted telephony is the right choice.

How we can assist you

At V4 Telecom, we have been offering this service for quite some time now. After helping a lot of businesses to have reliable and high-quality communication system without putting a hole in their wallets, we have gained a unique insight of the market. It is quite obvious that you have questions and doubts before choosing the hosted telephony service. We would like to put these queries and doubts to rest. Our team has compiled this list which will be able to help.

Beneficial points to be noted

  • The hosted telephony system does not need any ongoing maintenance charges and only requires little installation charges.
  • The service comes with unique scalability opportunities. This way, you can add or subtract systems and connections according to your requirements.
  • There won’t be any delay if you are changing premises or starting a business from the scratch. It will save time which can then be used to manage some other aspects.
  • Service of hosted telephony will be a continuous process. If one centre becomes non-functional or disrupted due to some reason, another centre can provide the services without any hiccups.
  • You can conduct business from anywhere and anytime you want. This adds productivity and convenience for your employees, enhances customer services and eliminates service disruption.
  • As hosted telephony is a cloud based service, you can be completely sure about the security of the data. This way, data will be accessible and out of the harm’s way.

In short, by choosing hosted telephony you are ensuring reliability, convenience, better service, less time and effort for your business and employees. The time and money, you will save by choosing this service, can be used for handling other areas of a business and to earn more profit.

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Why fixed line service is still vital for your business?

Life has become more convenient and mobile due to high-end technology of the age. This trend is clear in every aspect of like and communication, rather telephonic communication system is no exception. It seems people are mostly dependent and making all their call the mobile telephone devices and fixed line service is dying.

The peek inside with us

This may be true in certain aspects and areas of life, but there is more to the matter. Research shows that more than 70% of the businesses depends and functions on fixed lines. So, if you are about to start a business or getting a telephone connection for the same, it will help to know why having a fixed line is so crucial for your business. For your convenience, our experts at V4 Telecom (a renowned, reliable and reputed telecom company with more than a decade of experience) have created this list which will be able to help.

The beneficial points

Exploiting the existing infrastructure: It is a well-known fact that, a lot of time and money have been invested to build the fixed line infrastructure. As most businesses are not as mobile as their customer base, it makes sense to have the fixed line.

Better call quality: Unlike mobile phones, fixed line connections normally offer better quality voice calls. As calls can be the making or breaking of a business, you should always choose the better option.

The expense: Despite various plans and offers available, you will find that your mobile phone costs you way more than that fixed line. Moreover, in a mobile connection you have to pay for calls and data separately, but in fixed line service there is the facility to enjoy unlimited calls along with unlimited data at significantly lower cost.

The reliability factor: Having a fixed line means you have a legitimate physical address. This adds credence to your existence and reliability. As most of the small businesses now have mobile numbers as their contact, it becomes really tough to find out if they have a physical address or not, whether they are what they are promising to be. Such things do not sit well with potential clients.

All the above-mentioned points clearly indicate the importance of having a fixed line and fixed line services for your business. The decision though, depends on you. For further queries contact us and explore our offers further.