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How to strengthen your Wi-Fi network both at work and home?

How to strengthen your Wi-Fi network both at work and home?

Wi-Fi has made communication and connectivity as simple and fast as possible globally. It has helped us to stop being chained to any desktop or other stationary device and allowed us to remain connected with the online world we love with almost no issues. But Wi-Fi isn’t aloof from its own flaws which might result in the slower network speed, poor network reception to any number of issues which can turn a huge spoilsport all of a sudden.

Here are some of the best ways to resolve some common issues and boost the Wi-Fi both at home and work.

1. Always make use of the latest Wi-Fi technologies

If you want to enjoy best network reception with your Wi-Fi then make sure that router or other hardware is up-to-date with the latest software updates from the manufacturer. Rather than having a single router present in the home you can even opt for mini Wi-Fi- router network within your home for better network reception. Nowadays tech firms like Google and Luma are offering a mesh network router wherein it places the small router in different rooms to offer a blanket of Wi-Fi network to you.

2. Find the best spot to place the router

Wrong or bad placement of the Wi-Fi both at home or office can seriously limit it overall connectivity potential and results in offering a below-par connectivity solution. Routers aren’t stylish or a wonderful tech piece which can be showcased to all but still you have to keep in the full view rather than hiding it somewhere in the corner. Place it right in the open away from the walls and obstructions in its path so signals can travel freely throughout the surrounding. The best way to place a Wi-Fi is to place it on a wall mount but make sure it isn’t the corner of the room.

3. Remove appliances interfering with the Wi-Fi signals

There are a number of household appliances which can cause interference to the Wi-Fi signals emitting from the router. This includes cordless phones, microwaves, and other appliances. Therefore buying a dual router will be a sensible option if you have a multitude of electrical appliances in your home or office. If you don’t wish to invest in another router then it will be better to keep your router right away from the interfering appliances.

4. Keep your Wi-Fi secure

Most of the people simply don’t give much thought to the security of their Wi-Fi network. If your network is open without any passwords then it’s highly likely that your neighbours and others will sneak into your network to make the best use of it. That isn’t a good thing either for your network or data security, therefore, opts for setting up a password to protect Wi-Fi network against such incursions.

Top 4 Ways to Deal with a Slow Internet Connection

Top 4 Ways to Deal with a Slow Internet Connection

A slow internet isn’t an option in this modern fast paced world we live. It can jeopardize your project; destroy your productivity and leads to huge financial losses. As one of the best telecom company in UK our experts’ lists down some of the top ways to deal with a slow internet connection in an effective fashion.

1. Check your speed and plan – At first check the speed you are getting from your broadband provider and match it with your current plan. Sometimes users get slow internet connection because they have opted for a slow internet plan. Simply go to the, run a speed if it matches with the what you’re paying for then it fine otherwise ask your broadband provider look into the issue.

2. Troubleshoot the hardware – A number times quick resetting the network devices like modem or router helps in resolving the slow internet connection. First check whether the wiring, then the network devices and finally your computer or laptop. Simply troubleshooting your computer or router is more than enough to get back your internet connection quickly.

3. Strengthen your Wi-Fi Signals – Most of the users make use of the internet through WiFi and even they suffer from slow internet connection mainly due to interference in the wireless signal. If your router and internet is fine then it most likely that your WiFi is going through some interference which is the major reason behind the slowdown. There are a number of ways to boost the WiFi signals through changing the position and placement of the router away from the walls and in the centre of household or making use of WiFi to enhance the signal strength in large homes.

4. Get rid of bandwidth hogging apps and plugins – If everything is working fine and you are still dealing with a slow internet then it is time to look into the bandwidth hogging apps and plugins. You should note that downloading files with Bit torrent will result in slower web browsing experience. Similarly having multiple browser plugins or apps which continuously feeds onto your internet connection will result in slower internet connection. It is better to install extensions like FlashBlock and AdBlock Plus as it will help in blocking some of the bandwidth hogging apps along with unwanted ads and videos which usually slows down the connection.

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Top 3 Things to Do With a Super-Fast Broadband Connection

Top 3 Things to Do With a Super-Fast Broadband Connection

When asked ‘why don’t you get a fast broadband?’ most of the people have a simple answer ‘I just browse the internet’. For millions of broadband users the purpose of accessing internet is basically limited to check upon the mails, shop and perform some online searches. They love to be stranded with slow networks which aren’t good enough for streaming videos or accessing content quickly. Here are 3 things which such users can do with a super-fast broadband network.

Back up your whole computer

If you have important stuff on your PC which needs to be secured or used frequently then you should consider backing up your computer. Users can upload all their files and folders on a secure cloud server using a cloud storage service. But it is only possible on a fast broadband otherwise you will have wait quite longer depending on the amount the data to put everything in the cloud.

If your PC breaks down more often which essentially lose your precious data then backing up is the only answer. Backing up online can be made an automatic affair wherein if you had accidently deleted file the kit can be retrieved back in the original state.

Work from home with ease

Using fixed line services such as a super-fast broadband you will be to work from home without with ease and simplicity. Super-fast broadband enables you to communicate, share and work with other online without missing on anything. You will be able to communicate with the colleagues and clients using the online webcam based services, sharing files through cloud storage services and running software on cloud servers simply becomes more accessible and easier with fast network connectivity.

Stream video online

You can binge watch your favourite shows with any unwanted buffering, lags or stuttering on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix using a superfast internet connection. You can even watch live TV and sports broadcast without missing on anything with a fast and reliable broadband connection. Using fast broadband on a SmartTV will help in unlocking the potential of the new age TVs.

We are hopeful that these reasons will help such user to move to a faster broadband network to unlock the better possibilities of internet.

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Your Business will Bloom with Support from EFM Broadband

Your Business will Bloom with Support from EFM Broadband

EFM or Ethernet First Mile is basically a low-cost leased line providing internet connection unlike the expensive fibre based traditional leased line. In this age, remaining connected with the rest of the world, having a reliable and robust communication channel and internet connection is the necessity for every business. In most of the cases, business owners tend to think that, any broadband connection will do which is not smart thinking at all.

How we will be able to help

At V4 Telecom, we have been providing EFM broadband connection and services for quite a few years now. Hence, we have gained both the experience and expertise to provide what you need answer the doubts you may be having before making the decision. Our experts have created this piece highlighting and explaining how Ethernet First Mile broadband connection will be able to help your business grow further.

Beneficial information

The first thing you need to know and understand is the fact that, despite being not so costly EFM broadband provides the unique and highly beneficial opportunity of being exclusive. It means, when you are getting the connection, it is solely for your use. Hence, there won’t be any competition with other users regarding bandwidth, speed of internet and such. As you won’t be sharing the connection with any other user, there won’t be any problems like interruption or slow connection at the peak hours.

A little more explanation

This particular feature is something that makes EFM broadband so important and necessary for small and medium-sized businesses. When your business is small and young, you need to create favorable conditions within which it can function to earn the better, larger and more powerful position. The problem is, most of the small and medium-sized businesses often operate under shoestring budget. Hence, it becomes almost impossible for them to invest any extra money or go for expensive connections.

Manipulating your resources in the best possible way

Being the owner of a small or medium-sized business, your best bet is to make smart decisions which will save money, yet won’t affect the quality of products or services. To that end, EFM broadband will be the perfect choice. This connection is quite inexpensive in comparison to the other more traditional internet connections. Moreover, it brings the exclusivity you cannot access in the more expensive options. Hence, the fear of compromising with work quality won’t be there is Ethernet First Mile. It will help your business bloom and become bigger and better.

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Choosing the Right ADSL Broadband for Your Business

Choosing the Right ADSL Broadband for Your Business

ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is the one of the most popular and chosen broadband connection. The connection is provided through copper telephone lines and to avail this particular connection, you will need a working telephone. If you are thinking about choosing ADSL broadband for your business, then it is time to gather some knowledge about making the right choice.

The market and available options

There are multiple companies in the market and they are providing the services you want. Choosing the most suitable one amongst them will prove to be a difficult task. At V4 Telecom, we have been providing ADSL broadband connection and services for a long time. Hence, we have the experience and expertise to provide what you want and understand the questions you are dealing with before making the choice.

Understanding your situation and affordability

Additionally, we would like to point out that being the owner of a business you would need high-speed internet connection, but the kind of connection will depend on the size of the organisation. For instance, a large company will be easily able to afford a fiber optics based expensive leased line. On the other hand, a small business cannot afford to have that kind of connection. In such a situation, ADSL broadband is the best choice.

The points we would like to highlight

As there are loads of options available in the market, choosing one can be a tough job. Hence, our team of experts has compiled this list to help you make the right decision. We would like to add that, instead of searching without a clear strategy won’t do you much good. Therefore, it will only be fitting if you create a list of criteria and features before doing the research, it will turn the decision-making process simpler and more effective. The points you need to consider are:

•    The cost of getting and maintaining the ADSL broadband will help to choose the service provider. Deciding your budget and creating a list comparing the amount charged by different companies will help making the right decision.

•    Another point to consider is the contract length. Choosing a longer contract will help saving money, but switching the connection midway will be tougher. So, you need to consider the connection termination process carefully.

•    Comparing the downloading and uploading speed provided by different services providers will be a nice way to find the most suitable one.

•    Comparing the download limit will help to make the decision.

This way, you can choose the right ADSL broadband service provider with ease.

If you’re interested in setting up a wireless network at your business, try V4 Telecom UK’s fixed line services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.

More about Mysterious Martian Topography Revealed

More about Mysterious Martian Topography Revealed

Currently, the job of Mars Curiosity Rover sent by NASA, is to collect samples from the linear dunes on Mount Sharp to find out how the wind in the planet has helped shaping these dunes. Before this, in the months of February and April 2017, the rover has conducted an up-close study of these dunes that are situated in another planet.

A little bit of history and location

The previous information has been compared with the studies of the crescent-shaped dunes done by the rover in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The new darker region of the linear dunes is situated about 1 mile or 1.6 kilometers south and uphill from the crescent-shaped dunes. In the first stage, it is being concluded that the linear dunes are the result of very high-velocity winds.

Curiosity and its efforts

Additionally, both these types of dunes are parts of the larger layered region situated on the northwestern side of Mount Sharp. It is also the area where Curiosity is exploring since 2014 and finding newer and interesting things every day.

Name, fame and more detail

These dunes have been named Bagnold Dunes and the area is made of with dark sand that covers several kilometers in that stretch. Mission scientists are positive and enthusiastic to find out more about the workings of wind in the red planet to make differently shaped dunes. They are also hoping to learn if the wind has anything to do with the distribution of minerals amongst the dunes.

The expert speak

The head of Curiosity’s dune study Mathieu Lapotre of the Caltech University opines that the crescent dunes can be seen during the low wind season of the Martian year and the linear ones are seen during the high wind season. Wind-speed and direction are measured with the help of image pairs taken at different times. For material analysis, sand samples are taken by the sample-handling device attached with the rover’s arm. The analysis then happens in the Sample Analysis at Mars with the help of Chemistry and Mineralogy instruments.

How you can explore the universe?

In the future, Curiosity is bound to send more data and analyze more samples. To remain informed about these happenings and updates, you will need a robust and reliable EFM broadband. This will keep you connected with the world and such exciting news. At V4 Telecom, we have been providing an array of broadband connections and plans for you to choose from including ADSL broadband, FTTC broadband and such.

So, choose Ethernet First Mile or any other connection today and discovered more about the universe. You can also explore the videos NASA provides for a closer look over the internet.

If you’re interested in setting up a wireless network at your business, try V4 Telecom UK’s fixed line services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.

The benefits you can enjoy by choosing VOIP

The benefits you can enjoy by choosing VOIP

VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the method which has made it possible to make calls using the broadband connection instead of the traditional analogue telephone system. The best part is VOIP can be used both at home and an office setup.

We and voice over internet protocol

As a reliable and responsible provider of uninterrupted and robust VOIP service, we at V4 Telecom understand your doubts and questions regarding the topic. It is also undeniable that, without proper information and idea, it won’t be wise to choose the voice over internet protocol for your business.

The benefits of choosing VOIP

Hence, our experts have compiled this list consisting of the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol. This will help you to understand the importance of the system and the advantages of choosing VOIP in the first place. Additionally, as the whole world is going this way, you will be at per with the current trend.

Convenience of use

One of the most important points regarding VOIP is the fact that, the connection and the handsets used for calling are quite simple. So, to use the services, you don’t have to worry about learning any complicated skills or going through an elaborate procedure.

Ability to save money

As the VOIP procedure uses the Wi-Fi, especially the Session Initiation Protocol, you can call anyone anywhere. It won’t cost a small fortune to call someone out of the country. In most of the cases, you have to pay either the base fee or reduced fee. This will be a great and effective way of saving money for a business.

Retaining the phone number

The VOIP facility does not require analogue handset or SIM. You just need high-speed internet connection for making the calls and accessing other services. Due to this, there won’t be any need for changing number if you move. This is highly convenient for a business, as it saves a lot of money, trouble, complication and confusion.

Efficiency is guaranteed

If you have a high-speed, uninterrupted and robust internet connection, then your VOIP will be an efficient and effective one. As voice over internet protocol is depended on the internet connection, the quality of service and connection does depend on your connection.

Flexibility of service and system

In the Voice over Internet Protocol system, you get to enjoy peerless flexibility. So, every time you need to add someone in the existing system or subtract someone from said system, it is done with utmost convenience, without spending a lot of time or money.

These benefits will make the decision of choosing VOIP over other phone connections, easier.

If you’re interested in setting up a wireless network at your business, try V4 Telecom UK’s fixed line services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.