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Hosted Desktop Service is A Good Investment for Businesses

Hosted Desktop Service is A Good Investment for Businesses

The hosted desktop service is the method under which the desktop system becomes accessible anytime anywhere for the legitimate user. It simply means, the desktop system is hosted in the cloud with the help of some of the most advanced technologies including hardware virtualization, remote connection and such.

Our association with the industry

A lot of businesses, especially the small and medium-sized organisations are choosing hosted desktop service for its convenience and features. At V4 Telecom, we have been providing the hosted desktop facility to our clients for a long time. Due to our association with the industry over the years, we have gained both experience and expertise on the subject. Hence, we now can anticipate the doubts you are having regarding making the choice and provide answer to them as well.

The beneficial choice for you

When you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business, loads of things remain beyond your reach. For instance, it is not easy to have a private server providing access of desktops to the required professionals. Having such access can help your business tremendously by making it more efficient and opening newer channels of earning more money. Hence, the hosted desktop service is the best choice small businesses have to enjoy such facilities.

Your doubts and apprehensions answered

Initially, spending money for this purpose may seem too much or pointless, but if you stick to the decision, the benefits will outweigh the expenses by a large margin. Having access to the desktop, files, data, programs, applications and such will mean that, there is no need to have a physical office space. The whole process can be done and managed remotely. This is quite beneficial for start-up businesses, because they can save money, yet do their job efficiently.

Another scenario and a little explanation

If you already have an office space, and need to hire a few employees, but it will be tough to arrange for office supplies and accommodate them, then hosted desktop service will be the perfect solution. This way, you can hire employees without any extra expenses. They will be able to work from home yet access the required files without complications. Therefore, you will have access to the workforce and they will have access to the database.

Such a situation will enhance productivity in your organisation and increase both customer and employee satisfaction. It means, your business is functioning in the way it should and it is also in the way of achieving its goals. This has become possible because of hosted desktop service. Hence, the service is a good investment for your business.

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How hosted desktop service can change your business?

How hosted desktop service can change your business?

Hosted desktop is the process through which, an eligible and legitimate user can access his/her desktop including files, folders, data, applications and others remotely over the internet. As these things have become pretty standard, people do not think much about it, but the concept is an ingenious one. Having the freedom to work on the familiar and comfortable system and accessing the required information round the clock has made hosted desktop service so popular.

Our take on the subject

More and more companies these days are inclined to hire employees who can work remotely. It saves time, money and saves both parties from other hassles. We at V4 Telecom have been providing hosted desktop service for quite some time. Our experts have compiled this list which will help to understand the subject a bit better.

Benefits of choosing hosted desktop service

Before getting into the changes your business will experience by choosing hosted desktop service, it will be better to get into the benefits of such a decision. This will help further to understand the concept and its importance. The advantages a business will enjoy are:

•    Freedom to work remotely
•    Convenience of work
•    True customization
•    Security for the data and backup options
•    Access to files, folders and data round the clock

After knowing these points, the next step will be finding about the changes your business will experience after choosing hosted desktop service.

Better productivity

Hasted desktop is accessible round the clock, through any device over the internet. Hence, emergencies and sudden requirements can be dealt with effectively. This will increase customer support and service quality. Employees will be able to work from their home which will keep them happy and ensure better productivity.

Safety and security

Opting for hosted desktop service will make the cloud accessible where the server will be hosted. This server and the data in there will be safe and secure. So, you won’t have to worry about losing or misplacing data, because there will always be backup.

Higher amount of savings

Remote working and access of database will eradicate the need to make your employees come to the office. This means, work can be done from home or any such place without investing in office premises, work stations and such items. The service is also quite affordable. This will save a lot of money.

Customized server

The hosted desktop service provider will not only offer your space on the cloud, but will customize the space to fulfill your requirements in the best possible way.

This way, choosing hosted desktop service will shape your business for a better and more technologically advanced future.

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Banking on Unconventional Usage of Hosted Desktop Service

Banking on Unconventional Usage of Hosted Desktop Service

Hosted desktop is considered to be a product where, the product exists within the cloud and provides access to user’s desktop over the internet without accessing the physical system. In this age of high-end technology, hosted desktop service brings more convenience to the user.

Our opinion and explanation

As a reliable and reputed provider of hosted desktop service, we at V4 Telecom are well aware of this scenario. Over the years we have provided the service to a lot of clients and they have been accessing the benefits of said service. Our experienced and competent experts are now more interested about the unconventional usages of hosted desktop. Hence, they have explored the subject a bit.

Understanding the scenario a bit more

A business has multiple areas and responsibilities. Sales and customer support fall in this category. Businesses need to provide sales and customer support and their teams of professionals take care of such situations. The biggest problem they deal with is accessing the official system to update the records. It is not possible or very smart to carry the official system to access the database. This is when hosted desktop service becomes the perfect solution.

Conditions to be met

Most of the professionals facing situations, where accessing the official system becomes a necessity, want:

•    A device or system that is convenient to carry around notwithstanding the vehicle they are travelling or the places they are going.

•    A device which will not be a problem at the airport security or subsequent flight.

•    The applications they normally used and not the mobile phone version.

•    A connection with their computer that does not require Wi-Fi.

•    Industrial grade encryption, along with two factor authentication that will keep both the connection and the data completely secure from the untoward interests.

•    The option of working on the spot, instead of taking notes and completing the work afterwards.

•    Effective data backup available for accessing.

•    The chance to access data and any information required even if the device is damaged or stolen.

Success for remote working options

Choosing hosted desktop service will ensure that, you and the people you choose will have access to what they need and all the above-mentioned conditions will be met. By using these facilities, you will be able to streamline the works done remotely and help your business grow further.

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What Benefits Hosted Desktop Service Brings to Your Business?

What Benefits Hosted Desktop Service Brings to Your Business?

Hosted desktop service consists of a virtualization technique that allows a server to access local desktop systems through the internet. This virtual system hosts the elements required for configuring a physical desktop system.

Our service and assistance

At V4 Telecom, we have been offering hosted desktop service for a long time. We have both the experience and insight to understand that, before choosing this service you need to have a clear idea about the benefits it offers. This will help to make a smart decision. Hence, our team has compiled this list of benefits your business can enjoy by choosing HDS.

Access from any location

One of the best things about hosted desktop service is, it allows business users access their individual desktops from anywhere. They can access business software applications, CRM database, email, files, data and many more due to this facility.

Reduced expense

Every time you hire a new employee, expenses increase. License, maintenance and support of the system cost a hefty amount. By choosing HDS, you can skip these expenses and reduce the overall cost.

Increased cash flow

HDS eliminates issues, like capital expenditure on physical servers and such. Most companies only pay for what they use which increases the cash flow considerably.


Hosted desktop service offers scalability to an organisation. You can change storage, applications and such by adding and removing employees according to requirement.

Increased productivity

As HDS offers seamless remote working from any location and at any time, it increases productivity.

Remote working

Having hosted desktop service will provide you the opportunity of working remotely. Employees won’t be tied down to a physical location; businesses can move locations with minimum hassle.


Most cloud service providers promise 99.999 % uptime which means a business can remain open round the clock. 24×7 support, disaster and recovery services ensure reliability.

Security enhancement

Daily data backups and secure storage of data offers enhanced security. Additionally backup power, generators, fire safety systems, cooling, round the clock security and such provides complete security for your data.

The greener aspect

By using cloud solutions, energy usage and carbon emission gets reduced considerably. This helps your business to become green and environment friendly.

Better collaboration

Hosted desktop service enables faster communication and efficiency, leading to better workforce collaboration and result.

After knowing that these benefits are the result of choosing hosted desktop service, you can make a smart and beneficial decision for your business.

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