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Top 4 Text-To-Speech Apps for Android and iOS

Are you tired of looking at the screen all the time? Then get content ‘read out’to you through an app. There is a number of text-to-speech which can read out the content present either on the documents, online web pages or even in your notification. Check out four powerful and dynamic voice reading text apps for the Android and iOS platform.

Text to speech apps
Get freedom from staring at the screen with these interactive text-to-speech apps
  1. Voice Reading for Android

Voice Reading is a simple yet powerful text-to-speech client which easily read any kind of text present on your device. You can read ebooks, blogs, web pages and passed content from the URL by sharing it on the Voice Reading. It has a number of language options which can also help you in learning new languages.

  1. Pocket On Android

Pocket is a great app on Android possessing an inbuilt functionality for voice reading. Users are simply required to give a tap on the three dotted article while surfing the web and select Listen TTS option. The app will start reading the article in a gentle fashion. Users also get control over the playback and voice speed through a popup which helps in enhancing the overall experience.

  1. Natural Reader for iOS

Natural Reader as the name suggests can help in listening to anything from the eBooks, PDF’s to webpages. The advantage of using this app is that it can easily turn any printed document or eBooks into audio files for later usage. This can boost your productivity as it allows multitasking wherein you can listen to the eBooks and other content while walking, running or commuting. It also makes proofreading more effective for the concerned users.

  1. Listen to Pocket- Lisgo for iOS

If you are running low on time and couldn’t read your favorite blogs and articles then make use of this app. Lisgo will save the articles and URL’s for later reading and you can even make it read it to you while you do other tasks. Lisgo works on the devices running on iOS 8.

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Adobe swings into action to save Mac Users with ‘essential’ Flash Player Update

Adobe Flash Player has become unwillingly associated with a wide number of issues and vulnerabilities in computer system across the world. In the past few hackers has actively made use of these vulnerabilities to cause widespread damage to systems which has left Adobe red-faced. Currently, Adobe is releasing ‘essential’ security update for the Flash Player to safeguard the Mac users from cyber-attack.

Researchers have found critical vulnerabilities in a number of Flash versions which includes

  • Flash Player version and earlier
  • Flash Player for Google Chrome version and earlier
  • Flash Player Extended Support Release version and earlier

These vulnerabilities have surfaced on the macOS Sierra and OS X operating system which are popularly used on the Mac devices. Adobe has assured Windows and Linux users that similar security patches and updates will be introduced for their OS in time.

Adobe updates address more than 80 vulnerabilities

Adobe has clarified the reason for bringing an essential security update out-of-the-blue by stating that it was the need of the hour.  As many as 83 vulnerabilities have been found altogether in the Adobe’s various products such as Acrobat Reader and flash player along with it a dozen remote code executive flaws were also discovered. These updates specifically address the critical vulnerabilities which could easily allow the hackers to take control-over any affected system.

Effectively Adobe has very carefully studied the prevalent vulnerabilities in its Flash Player and swiftly brought the much security patches in the update to address those issues. These vulnerabilities were identified by Pal Alto Networks, Tencent, Trend Micro and other security researchers.

Adobe Flash Player Mac
Mac users would have suffered from ransomware attack without this ‘essential’ update.

Adobe Flash Player has a vulnerability prone history

This isn’t the first time Adobe Flash Player has suffered from the emergence of vulnerabilities in its code or being utilized by the hackers for their own purpose. Earlier this year in March, hackers made use of the Flash-based advertisement to release massive ransomware attacks on the affected system. Adobe later on, released a security update to counter this surge in hacking activity but the damage has been done.

How to download and install this security update

Users can simply download these updates by going to the Flash’s update tool or from the Adobe’s official website. The tech savvy Mac users who had enabled the automatic update option will not be required to download and install the essential update. This update will be automatically downloaded and installed on such Mac devices. Once you had updated the Flash Player then get the V4 Telecom high-speed broadband services to enjoy unlimited internet at affordable rates.

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PlayStation VR set to launch today

Sony is finally getting into the game of VR headset after an incredibly long wait. This has made its upcoming PlayStation VR headset highly anticipated and undoubtedly popular choice among the consumers. Sony has opted for mid-segment price for its VR headset as it comes at just $400 but users will be required to buy an additional PlayStation Camera to get its amazing VR experience.

On its launch, Sony is offering a Launch Bundle for just $500 wherein consumers will get the VR headset, a camera, PlayStation VR Worlds five-game and two Move controllers. Sony PlayStation VR headset will work only with the PlayStation consoles.

Incredible range of games for PlayStation VR

Sony has taken more than a year since other competitors started offering their won VR headsets. This time frame has Sony in developing games suited to the demands of the VR segment. Apart from the game included in the PlayStation World VR, Sony will be launching more titles for PlayStation Platform including Until Dawn:Rush of Blood, Batman Arkham VR and much more.

Sony PLayStation VR stock

How to buy a PlayStation VR

Interested customers can buy Sony PlayStation VR either through prominent online channels such as Amazon, ShopTo, Game and Tesco or through brick-and-mortar stores. Inside the box Sony is offering a PlayStation VR headset, stereo buds, processor unit, AC adaptor and power cord, USB Cable, HDMI cable and a PS VR headset connection adaptor.

In order to get best VR experience consumers will have to buy the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move though both has been promoted as an extra option and will certainly be sold separately. PlayStation Camera boasts a price tag of £44.99 while PlayStation Move comes at £69.99.

Sony is bundling its VR headset with a demo disc having a vast selection of title from RIGS Mechanized Combat League to Battlezone. Sony has stated that it will make available 30 games right at the launch and this number will be boosted up to 50 by year’s end.

Future prospects of VR device segment

Analysts predict that by the end of 2016 around 2 million Britons i.e. 3% of the population will possess a virtual reality headset. A vast majority of these sales about 92% will center around the lower cost headset in form of Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard. It has been expected that by the year 2018 one in every five British adult will own a VR headset. Right before the launch Sony has asked its fan to be prepared for PlayStation VR stock shortages. Once you get hold of the PlayStation VR then get V4 Telecom’s incredibly fast and reliable broadband service to experience an amazing online Multiplayer capability.

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Samsung pulls the plug on Note 7 and stops production

Samsung has finally decided to kill Note 7 which means a loss of a major flagship smartphone. Samsung has made attempts at fixing the problem through switching the battery suppliers along with updating the smartphone software but even this didn’t help at all.

Samsung officially abandons the Note 7 production

Even before releasing this news Samsung shares in South Korea fell by 8 percent which happens to be the biggest registered by Samsung since 2008.

On monetary front Samsung will certainly lose a huge amount of revenue which can be above 10 billion in number due to Note 7 fiasco. Over the years Samsung smartphone division has helped in to enlarge and expand the potential of its other divisions which includes, panel screens and computer chips. Note 7 is causing damage on a whole new level in Samsung than it was expected.

Samsung kills Note 7
A decision taken too late by Samsung

No incidents in UK but Samsung Brand loses public faith

Now it has been established that Samsung has lost the faith of the general consumers with the recent surge in Note 7 exploding. People are more likely to stay away from upcoming offerings from the Samsung in wake of ‘catching fire’ incidents. Samsung has carried a very smooth recalling of Note 7 which helped in maintaining the trust in the brand but when replaced sets started catching fire then it lost the game. In US around five fires were reported and through pre-order Samsung have already sold about 45,000 Note 7 devices.

Thankfully Note 7 didn’t go on sale in UK, otherwise the numbers and causalities would have been high.

Samsung brand image takes a hit

Within few months Samsung has been through huge up and downs due to the Note 7 crisis. The incidents of Note 7 catching fire spread on global level wherein Samsung made frantic efforts towards damage control. Recalling was initiated but soon the replaced Note 7 devices also started catching fire or exploding with any notice thereby Samsung took the decision of killing Note 7.

Industry analysts have suggested that these damage control activities will cost Samsung in the long run. Samsung is currently facing a huge challenge from the rivals Apple and Google with launch and success of their respective devices. Rivals are not behind in taking jabs at the Samsung for bringing dangerous devices to the consumers. The brand reputation has gone haywire after the replacement devices started exploding which had had a huge negative impact on the Korean giant business.

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5 Smart ways for millennial to save more money

Millennial always suffer from crash crunch issues which ultimately leads to premature ‘broke’ period. It is cool to be broke for some time but making it a habit can have serious consequences. Here are few smart ways which can help millennial in saving more money in a simple and elegant fashion.


Buy in bulk whenever you can

Buying in bulk isn’t a thing for millennial but it can help in saving hundreds of pounds in a smart way. If you had to buy a pair of jeans, or some grocery or membership then tag along some friends and buy in bulk. The needs of millennial happens to be same in most cases so buying in bulk or together will help in getting great offers and discounts which wouldn’t be the case when you shop alone.

Share entertainment accounts

Friends tend to have similar taste in music, cinema, books and others. You can easily split the amount among friends by sharing your NetFlix, Spotify and other accounts. This will help in saving a significant amount at the end of month on your entertainment related expenses.

Put a stop on ‘Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World’ Attitude
It doesn’t matter whether you earn well or not but you shouldn’t indulge in partying like a crazy guy. At the end of the day those party bills has to be paid and partying on a way bigger scale than you can afford will certainly hit you hard. So be cautious when you throw in a party this week and make sure it doesn’t hurt your monthly expenses.

Make intelligent use of libraries

If you love a certain song then there is no need to spend £5-15 either on the single or on the album on iTunes and other avenues. Simply perform a check in your nearest DVD rental store you might get it for a week at fairly low cost. Similarly becoming a member of nearest library will surprise you by extensive array of books, journals, magazines from the popular to obscure genres and categories.

Get right broadband and mobile services

There is no need to invest huge sum for a high speed broadband service when you just have to perform usual browsing and watching videos online. Understand the plan which suits your need and then opt for the respective mobile and home internet plans. Sharing with family members will be the best available option to get more benefits from fixed line service.

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