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Top 3 Things to Do With a Super-Fast Broadband Connection

Top 3 Things to Do With a Super-Fast Broadband Connection

When asked ‘why don’t you get a fast broadband?’ most of the people have a simple answer ‘I just browse the internet’. For millions of broadband users the purpose of accessing internet is basically limited to check upon the mails, shop and perform some online searches. They love to be stranded with slow networks which aren’t good enough for streaming videos or accessing content quickly. Here are 3 things which such users can do with a super-fast broadband network.

Back up your whole computer

If you have important stuff on your PC which needs to be secured or used frequently then you should consider backing up your computer. Users can upload all their files and folders on a secure cloud server using a cloud storage service. But it is only possible on a fast broadband otherwise you will have wait quite longer depending on the amount the data to put everything in the cloud.

If your PC breaks down more often which essentially lose your precious data then backing up is the only answer. Backing up online can be made an automatic affair wherein if you had accidently deleted file the kit can be retrieved back in the original state.

Work from home with ease

Using fixed line services such as a super-fast broadband you will be to work from home without with ease and simplicity. Super-fast broadband enables you to communicate, share and work with other online without missing on anything. You will be able to communicate with the colleagues and clients using the online webcam based services, sharing files through cloud storage services and running software on cloud servers simply becomes more accessible and easier with fast network connectivity.

Stream video online

You can binge watch your favourite shows with any unwanted buffering, lags or stuttering on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix using a superfast internet connection. You can even watch live TV and sports broadcast without missing on anything with a fast and reliable broadband connection. Using fast broadband on a SmartTV will help in unlocking the potential of the new age TVs.

We are hopeful that these reasons will help such user to move to a faster broadband network to unlock the better possibilities of internet.

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How you can check your broadband speed?

How you can check your broadband speed?

Millions of users enjoy broadband connectivity but everyone isn’t happy with the speed they are receiving. A recent study has also shown that about 10% broadband users in UK don’t get the speed promised by their internet provider. Furthermore the broadband speeds depends on a wide variety of factors which includes the quality of wiring, its distance from the exchange, number of joints in the wiring, time of the day, quality if Wi-Fi, placement of devices etc. It is widely believed that the best broadband speeds are received during late night hours when fewer users are contesting get a hold of the available bandwidth. A number of users simply don’t know how to check their broadband speed therefore we are providing the best way perform a speed test within seconds.

Casual & Serious Broadband Speed Test

You can choose from the casual test to serious tests in order to check your broadband speed. Casual test can be performed by simply opening up a browser on your PC. When an internet provider gives a speed limit then it means up to that speed and it doesn’t mean you will get that speed at all times. You are most like to remain in that up-to speed region signifying that your connection working at the optimum pace.

With an ADSL broadband connection you are likely to get 7Mbps speed, ADSL2 will offer 12-16 Mbps, FTCC broadband brings a massive 30 Mbps while cable connection gives 50 Mbps and mobile broadband comes with 20 Mbps.

Best sites to use for speed test

It is always better to make use of the local server in order to find the best speed offered by your existing broadband service. A local server offer lower latency or ping rate which happens to be best judge of the broadband speed. Users in the UK region can choose any of these websites to get most accurate results on their broadband.


These websites showcases the upload and download speed of the broadband connection along with ping rate and works well with all the popular browsers like Chrome, Edge and Mozilla. Thinkbroband website offers the most sophisticate results to the users along with a graphical representation.

Users should understand the results of these websites will vary sharply depending on the server, internet, local exchange and varied other factors. These websites offers best possible results and if it shows results way below the promised speed by your internet provider then you could ask them to enhance services at the earliest.

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Know Why Your Business Should Have Hosted Telephony

Know Why Your Business Should Have Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony means a telephone based communication system that is hosted in the cloud. As the world is getting smarter, so are the communication channels. In such a situation, it is understandable that you would like to trust such a system for the communication requirements of your business. For that purpose, hosted telephony is the best choice possible.

Our take on the topic

At V4 Telecom, we have been providing hosted telephony services for a long time now. Hence, we have both the experience and expertise to handle your queries and requirements. As one of the most prominent hosted telephony providers in UK, we are well aware of your queries and doubts. Therefore, our team of experts has compiled this list highlighting the reasons behind choosing this particular channel of communication.

Low amount of initial investment

The telephone system hosted in cloud doesn’t need a lot of money to be spent at the initial stage. Therefore, for a small business, operating under a shoe-string budget, such a system makes a lot of sense. It will save money, yet provide a reliable, robust and effective communication system.

Consistent savings every month

After the savings in the initial stage, you will be able to save money every month as well. You will be surprised to know that having the telephone system in the cloud means, not having to pay for extensive repairs, routine maintenance and natural wear and tear of the equipment.

It is reliable

Unlike traditional phone system, hosted telephony systems are hosted in the cloud. Hence, chances of disruption and discontinuation are less. If something happens due to any disaster, then also restoring the connection is simple and does take a very short time.

The flexibility quotient is amazing

When you are choosing hosted telephony over the other methods of telephonic communication, you are ensuring an array of facilities and privileges. One such feature is the flexibility options. You can upgrade and downgrade the system as per your requirements anytime and without much hassle. This helps your business to function more effectively and save both time and money.

Support and maintenance are handled by a third part

The hosted telephony services are provided by third party vendors and they are responsible for the support and maintenance of the system. Therefore, you need not worry about such things. This will help you to relax and concentrate further in the business process and associated work.

Despite the fact that third party vendors will look after the service and other areas, you will still be in control of the process. This is why; your business needs hosted telephony. If you’re interested in setting up a wireless network at your business, try V4 Telecom UK’s fixed line services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.

Why fixed line services are still crucial to a business?

Why fixed line services are still crucial to a business?

In this age of high-end technologies, landline telephone connections are considered to be the relics of the long gone past. With the availability of Smartphones and Voice over Internet Protocol, people tend to believe that, fixed line services and telephones are of no use anymore. It is quite a misguided notion though.

What we think about the topic?

At V4 Telecom, we have been offering fixed line services for more than a decade now. Over the years we have gained both experience and expertise. Based on that experience, our experts have compiled this list consisting of the reasons which will prove that, landline telephone connections are still crucial and have much to offer, especially to a business.

Quality always wins over quantity

Landline connection ensures that the calls will always have clear and crisp sound. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any buzzing or the question if the customer can hear properly or not.

Dropping calls is never good for business

Dropped calls are always frustrating, but when it comes to the business calls, everything becomes lot more sinister. Dropping business calls means loss of business at the least and much more at the most. Compared to the alternatives, landline connections ensure reliable communication and better business.

Not missing sales anymore

In this age, people do shop online, but there are also a lot of potential customers who prefer to call with their enquiries. It is a point of trustworthiness for them. So, if there is no number to call, your business loses a considerable number of sales. Having fixed line services and landline connection solve such problems.

The perfect anchor in emergencies

In the case of emergencies, landlines work as the perfect anchor for both businesses and households. If there is a mishap or accident, the landline connection will help the emergency services to pinpoint the location fast and subsequent services will reach there faster as well. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the battery being dead or misplacing the phone itself with landline.

Privacy always matters

In comparison to the calls made from mobile phones, calls made from landline are more secure. As a result, keeping sensitive information communicated over the phone becomes easier with a fixed line telephone.

Call recording can solve a lot of complications

The landline telephone allows you to record calls which are highly beneficial for reviewing a conversation, being used as legal proof call log and records of communication.

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How to reap advantage from Tinder app

For all the singles who are upset to land up being single in 2017 here is a good news for them. It’s never too late you can still find love before the end of 2016 with Tinder. It is one of the biggest and well known apps for Online Dating. Here V4 Telecom lists down the 7 benefits to say “Yes” to Tinder and find your perfect match now.

  1. Get Rid of Your Ex: Often there comes a moment in everyone’s life when we tend to text up our ex or we text them back. Here Tinder takes care of all those weak moments by allowing you to transform that weak energy by swiping images of strangers instead of taking any wrong step that you can regret later.
  2. Boost up your Ego: Anytime when you will feel low or lack confidence Tinder will help you boosting up your confidence once you open the app and see how many people matches with you. This can work as positive vibes.
  3. Avoid small talks: If you are a kind of person who does not like chasing over the same thing again and again and work to the point then Tinder is the right place for you. Simply avoid small talks and talk to the point.

    Tinder advantage UK
    Get most out of this dating app with right strategy backed by a commendable data plan with reliable internet connectivity.
  4. Practice “Pick-up” lines: This is a great exercise. It not only allows you to choose the pickup lines but also permit us to see which one works better for you.
  5. Interact people beyond your boundaries: You often follow the same social circle on all the social forums. But it is different in Tinder. In here you can meet and talk to people outside your social circle or strangers as well call it.If things work then it is good. If it does not then still you can be friends and maintain a healthy bonding.
  6. Enhance your Analytical skill: You need to search and observe more about people from their information given on their profile and the images they upload. You need to become a keen observer. This will improve your canalization skill.
  7. Keep calm even if things goes wrong: It will keep your things private and even if things don’t work well between you and the other Peron since you both will be knowing each other and not each other’s surroundings.

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Industrial applications for wireless technologies

For more than 30 years wireless communication has been used in industrial application. AGV or Automated Guided Vehicles was amongst the first applications where wireless was used in wireless control and cranes in warehouses where proprietary radios were used to achieve flexible control of the moving devices. Almost for a Decade, standardised radio technologies like Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11), IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth technology (IEEE802.15.1) have become the dominating technologies for industrial applications.

Thus V4 Telecom UK lists down the main advantages for using a wireless solution in industrial applications:

  • Upsurge Mobility and possibility to move devices and connect to smartphones and tablets freely without any kind of holding cables.
  • Wipe out costly and support substantial transmission media, for example, flexible cables, swivels, and so forth.
  • Overcome long distances and problematic zones where cables cannot fit physically.
  • Attain fast and easy installation and commissioning.
  • Get flexible Human Interface Devices (HID).
  • Guarantee staff wellbeing in dangerous zones (for example, when expecting to move in a crane) by offering a control probability from further separation than can be the situation with a cable.
Wireless technologies
Get to know the main advantages of integrating wireless technologies in the industries.

Industrial plants comprise of various devices interconnected in various ways. These shifted sorts of devices incorporate

  • Straightforward information accumulation units (I/Os) without built in
  • Intelligent devices such as sensors with built-in-intelligence, single loop controllers or programmable controllers.
  • Supervisory systems used as HMI,Data logging and supervisory control

Every one of these devices are interconnected utilising communicative protocols and media sorts that now and again can be supplanted by remote advances to accomplish the above-recorded points of interest.

Not just one wireless technology offers all the features and strengths that fit the various industrial application requirements and therefore, standardised wireless technologies Wireless LAN, Bluetooth technology and IEEE 802.15.4, as well as a number of proprietary technologies are used. The main requirement could either be high data throughput, robustness, or low power (the latter especially for battery-operated devices).

In a very gradual process, wireless communication was adopted in an industrial environment. At the initial stage, requirements include the creation of islands wirelessly enabled devices associated with current framework/wired system. The wired system might be a standard IP-based system or a modern fieldbus organise. Cases of fieldbus systems incorporate Profinet, Modbus TCP, Profibus, Devicenet, ControlNet or Interbus-S.

Now the use of wireless communication has been classified into 9 sections:

  • Serial cable replacement
  • Ethernet cable replacement and infrastructure
  • Commonly used scenarios
  • Seamless roaming
  • Fieldbus cable replacement
  • Internet of things
  • “App” in a smart phone and other mobile devices
  • Wireless sensors and actuators
  • Industrial requirements on wireless technologies
  • Wireless co-existence

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Storm Angus reveals no investment in the natural flood management by government

As the Storm Angus the first named storm of the season created havoc from the South West to the North Sea on this weekend a number of shortcomings are coming into view of the public. Weather warning system predicted a heavy rainfall prior to the storm which resulted in South West region experiencing more than 50mm of rainfall during the storm and this impacted the river level dramatically.

It has been found that government has set aside a huge sun for improving the natural defence against flood which also includes last year’s budget of £700 million for innovative practices but no funding was earmarked for natural flood defence management.

Storm Angus
It will come as a surprise that the money allocated for the natural flood management was not earmarked for this year.

Damage caused by Storm Angus

Storm Angus has wreaked havoc both on the land and sea with its speed of 106mph. In the South West region, Angus has caused power cuts in more than 2,000 homes before it moved off into the North Sea. A cargo shipped was crashed into a stone barge near the coast of Dover but it was rescued in time by eleven crew members. Later on, 12 crew members worked aggressively with alongside the Coastguard in order to get the ship back to the port.

Fire & Rescue service has a busy day as they kept helping people through pumping out the flooded properties and roads. Railway services also took a hit as the track in between P Par and Newton Abbot got flooded while delays were rampant in the areas between Pezance and Exeter St Davids owning to poor rail conditions.

Government failed to invest in natural flood management

The government has failed to invest in the natural flood management which could have limited the amount of destruction caused by Angus to a great extent. Rewilding Britain a nature restoration charity along with a number of environmental campaign groups has been pushing the government towards bringing at least £20 million for natural defences in the imminent Autumn Statement.

So far the government has spent about £4.1 million towards the natural flood management demonstration projects in Upper Derwent, Holnicote and Pickering. These regions were chosen for the get heightened defence against flood because they escaped the damage during last year’s flooding. For boosting the natural flood defence government relied on the soft engineering solutions which included the use of heather bale dams, building of timber bunds and planting of 44ha woodland.

A spokesperson from Defra has stated that government is committed towards protecting the nation against climate forces and the natural flood management is given a top priority in the strategy. Government sis expected to spend as much as £2.5 billion to enhance the flood defences in order to bring protection to over 300,000 homes by 2021.

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