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Smart way to increase the Ethernet connection speed

Ethernet cable based internet connectivity delivers faster network speeds than the wireless connections. Ethernet cables are the best bet if you are looking forwards to get high-speed internet without any hassle. It is fixed internet solution for those who work from a single place all the time either it is their home office, commercial office or solely for the home purpose. However, a wide number of factors and complications can cause even the Ethernet connection to slow down over the time. Before you become frustrated with the faulty network or slow speed and make the decision of changing the internet service provider or opting for new plan, try the below mentioned smart ways to enhance your Ethernet speed connection.

Ethernet connection speed
Frustrated with dropping internet connection then try out these simple yet potent ways to enhance Ethernet connection speed.

Perform a physical check of the Ethernet cable

Make sure that your Ethernet cable is properly plugged into the device as well as to the internet service provider hub. If the cable is not plugged in properly then it will affect the connect speed in a serious manner.

Perform a check on device to gauze the network issue

Go to the Start Menu present right-hand bottom corner of the computer screen and select the ‘Control Panel’ option. Now locate the “Network Connection” icon in the options list and give a double click on it. Now give a right click on the icon which showcases your Ethernet adapter and gives a click on the properties.

Now lookout for the Configure Button, give a click on it and then choose option ‘Link Speed & Duplex’. You will be required to adjust the setting in order to get highest network speed by manipulating the ‘Values’ list. You can even try the ‘Auto-Detect’ option which will allow the system to detect the speed and duplex of the Ethernet Network without much difficulty.

Change the cable

If you are unsatisfied with the current internet speed then you can consider changing the Ethernet cable to the category 6 (CAT6) cable. CAT6 cables are the highly advanced type of the network cable and one should always use a shorter Ethernet cable in order to get best internet speed.

Connect your device directly to the source

If you are connecting your device to the Ethernet cable which itself relays from a hub or router then it will result in diminishing the internet connection speed to a certain extent. It is better to connect the PC, laptop or other devices directly to the internet source rather than hub or router to get the best internet speed.

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What will 5G bring for the Consumers?

5G as the name suggests that it is the 5th Generation. It is the next generation of wireless networks based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard of broadband technology after 4G.  5G is still now a concept so it will be difficult for the Wireless industry to make standards around it. Here some of the key goals which will be achieved with 5G.

5G features
5G promises a better-connected world with a slew of features.


Faster data speed: 4G is currently capable of achieving peak download speeds of 1GB/Second. It is said so but it is not that fast. On the other hand 5G it would increase to 10GBPS.

Ultra Low Latency: 5G network will offer faster speeds and lower latency — a shorter gap between sending and receiving data – than its predecessor. Currently with 4G, the latency rate is around 50 milliseconds, but 5G will reduce that to about one millisecond. This will be particularly important for industrial applications and driverless cars.

A better Connected World: It is expected that over the next 10 years with 5G the Internet of things (wearable’s, smart home appliances, and connected cars) to grow exponentially and it will need a network that can put up billions of connected devices. The main goal behind this is to provide such capacity, and also to be able to assign bandwidth depending on the needs of the application and user.

What it will bring for the consumers:

It almost takes an hour for a 3G to download an 8GB HD Video and 7 mints in 4G but with 5G it will just take 6 seconds, as said by Huawei.

Secondly it is not only restricted to faster speed but it is lot more than that. For instance it will open opportunities for different consumer and industrial application and uses. We won’t disclose some as it might some unusual at this point because it’s too ahead of its time.

Cost for the consumers:

According to Huawei and Nokia 5G will not cost more than what the consumers are right now paying for 4G.Orelse no one will accept the technology. Also our survey says that it is now too early to comment on the cost of 5G devices and services.

Time of 5G’S arrival:

Again it is too early to say or presume all these things but we can certain that it is not coming before the next couple of years. So we can set a target around 2020 keeping everything in mind.

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2016 Macbook Pro comes with advanced touch bar and incredible graphics feature

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 models are showing a brisk sale owing to its high-end specification and new Touch Bar. Apple does away with another old school set of function keys for the new Touch Bar OLED input display. Within first few weeks of its availability the latest Pro variant has outsold a number of popular notebooks in the core market segment on global scale. Apple is currently finding it hard to keep up its supply channels as per the ever growing demand of latest Pro variant.

MacBook Pro 2016 features
MacBook Pro 2016 not just have a unique Touch Bar but it also brings few surprises.

A number of local Apple stores have stated that Pro will be making its way to the stores very shortly. A number of people have been told by the Store operators that MacBook Pro 2016 wouldn’t be coming to the store before Thanksgiving. In the meantime interested buyers can still try their hand on the demo models present in the Apple Store.

MacBook Pro is un-upgradeable

The MacBook Pro now features a Touch Bar which happens to be secondary touchscreen sitting right on top of the keyboard. This also shows that the Apple has moved away from the plastic unibody laptops and has gone for the compact and soldered in design for its premium laptop range. Earlier consumers were able to swap out the internal parts such as RAM, hard drive and others in order to boost the specs for their device. Now with Pro versions Apple is phasing out this functionality through soldering in the RAM and proprietary SSD storage chip so they can’t be replaced by the users.

Secrets graphics features discovered on MacBook Pro

Apple is known for offering a semi-powerful graphics GPU for the MacBook Pro range which doesn’t exactly results in exciting and amazing gaming experience. However, with MacBook Pro 2016 variant you will be able to upgrade the graphics through a simple trick. It should be noted that the Thunderbolt port present in the device supports the external graphics which means you are simply required to hook up your device to an external GPU dock.

Sadly you wouldn’t be able to receive the native Mac gaming experience on your device, therefore you have to run Windows in order to take full advantage of the graphics upgrade. Secondly, users will have to buy a Razor Core along with some really expensive advanced graphics card like GTX 1080 to make most of this feature.

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Everything you need to know about DSL

Internet has become an integral part of lives and thinking of life without it is horrific to some extent. Nowadays there are a number of ways to connect to the internet ranging from connecting through modem, local area connection, cable modem or through digital subscriber line (DSL) connection.

What is DSL internet?

DSL is the short form for Digital Subscriber Line.

Get cost effective internet connectivity with DSL.

How does it work?

DSL can be described as a big upgrade over the dial-up phone connection which brings the advantage of internet connectivity. DSL makes use of the existing phone line to deliver internet connectivity to the users which doesn’t require any additional wiring.

The phone line installed by the telecom companies consists of a pair of copper wires which have enough room to carry more than just the phone conversations. In other words it has greater bandwidth which can be utilized for providing internet connectivity to the consumers. DSL carefully exploits this capacity through offering the flow of information right on the wire without hampering the telephone conversations at all. There are two types of DSL technology which are widely used by the internet service providers.

Symmetrical DSL: The symmetrical DSL connection offers equal bandwidth both for uploading as well as downloading the data.

Asymmetrical DSL: This happens to be the most popular version of the DSL and it is known for offering more download capability to the user than the uploading.

Pros of DSL

  • Wider Availability: DSL is easily and widely available as it makes use of the existing phone lines to offer internet connectivity.
  • Cost effective: It happens to cost lesser when compared to satellite and broadband internet connections.
  • Add several subscribers: The best thing about DSL is that each subscriber gets a dedicated circuit.
  • Better Speed: The speed on DSL connection is higher than any regular modem based internet connection. Several subscribers can easily make use of a single DSL line without undermining the network connectivity and strength.
  • No new wiring: DSL doesn’t require any new wiring as it makes use of the existing phone line.

Cons of DSL

  • DSL offers faster speed for receiving data than it does when sending data.
  • Proximity is an issue. The closer you are to your internet service provider office the stronger network you will get. In short with distance the signal decreases and speed becomes slower.

DSL is widely available across the UK as it happens to be the most cost effective solution towards getting a commendable internet connectivity.

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Four smart steps to a faster broadband connection

A number of users have their own specific needs which require access to faster broadband but they fail to get even after spending a large-amount of money. Most of the ISP is known for throttling the speed of their broadband connection in order to make user move to higher bandwidth plans. Here are some of the smart steps which help in making your broadband faster than before without the need of upgrading your broadband plan.

faster broadband
You can fulfill your need for better speed without investing a huge amount of sum either on device or plan.
  1. Speed test: At first perform a speed test of your broadband to know the exact downstream and upstream connection stream. It should be noted that the broadband speed varies between the different hours of the day, interestingly the speed remains during the day while it is at its peak during the night hours when competition is low.
  2. Update your device: Using older DSL modem or cable will seriously lower the speed and efficiency of your broadband connection. You should your broadband provider to exchange the old cable or modem for new and it might cost a little fee. Secondly keep all your devices ranging from the laptops, tablets, smartphones to modems updated with the latest security patches and upgrades in order to ensure you get the maximum out of your broadband connection.
  3. Check upon the modem parameters: While updating your modem there are few key areas which ought to be looked upon in order to enhance the broadband speed. At first check whether the maximum allowed speed for down and upstream matches with your broadband plan. If not then ask your ISP to fix this setup remotely. Secondly check upon the signal-to-noise ratio (SN margin) as well as the line attenuation and both of these parameters are measured in decibels. Please keep in mind that the lower is SN ratio the lesser interference you will face in your connection.
  4. Give a push to your downloads: If you are frequent downloader then you should make use of a dedicated download manager like FlashGet. Downloading multiple files seriously limits the amount of free bandwidth for your browsing needs and you feel like not getting enough speed. FlashGet will allow you to create multiple and simultaneous download links which can be easily filed together later on.

Making use of the abovementioned smart steps will help in boosting the transfer speeds to a new level and it will give respite from a number of nagging issues such as dropouts. If you are avid internet users then you can choose from a number of broadband plans from V4 Telecom which are designed to cater your demanding broadband needs.

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Sold Out: Snapchat Spectacles emerges on EBay at crazy prices

Snapchat Spectacles are making a huge frenzy among the consumers with its innovative marketing campaign and sales model. LA-basedSnapchat has started selling its unique Spectacles through a relatively small number of pop-up vending machines which will be making tours of US in upcoming months. Snapchat has christened its vending machine as ‘Snapbot’ which will be placed at a particular location for just 24 hours or until of its spectacles are sold out. Interested buyers and Snapchat fans will have regularly check up on the official website in order to know the next location of Snapbot.

Snapchat Spectacles Price
Sellers emerge on EBay to sell Spectacle at astonishing price levels.

How Spectacles does works?

Snapchat has quietly followed the lead of Google in creating futuristic eye gear. Though Google’s Glass failed miserably due to its expensive price point and design related issues. Snapchat has very carefully learned from the mistakes of Google and brought this device which has no screen. On the brighter side, its camera doesn’t bumps out of the body or looks intrusive in nature. Users will be able to record a ten-second video clip with Spectacles by simply tapping on either side of the frame and this video will simply be transferred to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

What makes Spectacles different?

Unlike any other camera, Spectacles records videos in a new ‘circular’ video format which hasn’t been seen before. These Spectacles make use of a very wide-angle lens which helps in filming the whole field of view of the wearer. Later on, it cuts out center portion in order to create the circular video which brings a new perspective to the user of their actions. Users will be able to share and enjoy the videos on their smartphone and tablet devices regardless of the way they are holding it.

Snapchat has launched the Spectacles last September but its CEO referred to it as a toy. This has seriously limited the impact of the device but it has made frenzy among the consumers through utilizing an innovative video format. Spectacles uses its wide 115-degree angle lens to bring a unique perspective of users actions in a splendid fashion.

Crazy prices for Spectacles on EBay

Snapchat is offering Spectacles at a price of just $130 but given the fact it is available in limited quantity and at varying locations, a trend has emerged where people are reselling it at a highly expensive price point. A number of sellers have sprung up on the Ebay offering this device for as high as $3000. Same trend has been seen some of the popular tech products like iPhone, Nintendo Wii in the past

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What benefits businesses can derive from unified communications?

Communication forms an integral part of any business and small businesses are actively looking forward towards reducing their expenses on the communication front. In the digital age a phone system is not a mere dial tone setup rather it has the potential to offer much more services through integration of right technology. Unified communication can help businesses in becoming more competitive, productive and sharper in their approach than before.

Unified Communication Device
Unified communication is the need of the hour for small businesses in order to become more competitive, efficient and productive.

Unified communication offers a single system to manage multiple tools and platforms on the go. In simple words unified communication is like a multi-purpose tool which can easily handle a large number of communication devices and platform with ease and grace.

Reasons to opt for unified communication solution

A market study report has shown that four in five businesses understand the value of unified communications. On other hand large corporation are simply giving a cold shoulder to unified communication which is resulting in loss of millions of pounds in revenue. The basic reason towards going for unified communication is that it can help cutting down the costs which can be utilized towards spearheading the growth of the business.

Two major benefits offered by UC

The necessity of having multiple communication devices at a workplace in order to remain connected with the client and customers has led to adoption of unified communication on greater scale. Unified communication makes it easier for the small and medium business to implement, integrate and use within their existing setup. Here are the two major reasons which are driving the adoption of unified communications:

Mobility– Most of the businesses now require such communication tools which be deployed at the office and can work seamlessly with the workers who are mobile or present in the remote locations.

Easily synchronize communication over multiple devices– Unified can help in connecting and communicating with multiple devices such as laptop, mobile, tablet, Pc and other in a simple and swift fashion.

Apart from these unified communication offers a range of benefits to the business which includes:

  • Improved efficiency– Ability to communicate across a range of device in real time help in increasing the efficiency of the workers.
  • Reduced costs– It helps in reducing the cost of related to managing communication services on vast range of device within a workspace.
  • Increased revenue– With the rise in the efficiency and reduction in the costs businesses are able to increase their workload which ultimately gives a bump to the revenue.
  • Better customer service– Businesses are able to get in touch with their customers on multiple devices in real time and can resolve the issues as per the need of hour. This helps in building a solid relationship with the customers based a valued customer service.

You can opt for V4 Telecom iPECS UCP.

iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s unified communications platform designed to meet SMB and Enterprise communications requirements. iPECS UCP is an innovative platform that provides unrivalled UC and Mobility solutions.

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