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How you can check your broadband speed?

How you can check your broadband speed?

Millions of users enjoy broadband connectivity but everyone isn’t happy with the speed they are receiving. A recent study has also shown that about 10% broadband users in UK don’t get the speed promised by their internet provider. Furthermore the broadband speeds depends on a wide variety of factors which includes the quality of wiring, its distance from the exchange, number of joints in the wiring, time of the day, quality if Wi-Fi, placement of devices etc. It is widely believed that the best broadband speeds are received during late night hours when fewer users are contesting get a hold of the available bandwidth. A number of users simply don’t know how to check their broadband speed therefore we are providing the best way perform a speed test within seconds.

Casual & Serious Broadband Speed Test

You can choose from the casual test to serious tests in order to check your broadband speed. Casual test can be performed by simply opening up a browser on your PC. When an internet provider gives a speed limit then it means up to that speed and it doesn’t mean you will get that speed at all times. You are most like to remain in that up-to speed region signifying that your connection working at the optimum pace.

With an ADSL broadband connection you are likely to get 7Mbps speed, ADSL2 will offer 12-16 Mbps, FTCC broadband brings a massive 30 Mbps while cable connection gives 50 Mbps and mobile broadband comes with 20 Mbps.

Best sites to use for speed test

It is always better to make use of the local server in order to find the best speed offered by your existing broadband service. A local server offer lower latency or ping rate which happens to be best judge of the broadband speed. Users in the UK region can choose any of these websites to get most accurate results on their broadband.

a. Broadabandperformance.co.uk
b. Speektest.net
c. Thinkbroadband.com

These websites showcases the upload and download speed of the broadband connection along with ping rate and works well with all the popular browsers like Chrome, Edge and Mozilla. Thinkbroband website offers the most sophisticate results to the users along with a graphical representation.

Users should understand the results of these websites will vary sharply depending on the server, internet, local exchange and varied other factors. These websites offers best possible results and if it shows results way below the promised speed by your internet provider then you could ask them to enhance services at the earliest.

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