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Your Business will Bloom with Support from EFM Broadband

Your Business will Bloom with Support from EFM Broadband

EFM or Ethernet First Mile is basically a low-cost leased line providing internet connection unlike the expensive fibre based traditional leased line. In this age, remaining connected with the rest of the world, having a reliable and robust communication channel and internet connection is the necessity for every business. In most of the cases, business owners tend to think that, any broadband connection will do which is not smart thinking at all.

How we will be able to help

At V4 Telecom, we have been providing EFM broadband connection and services for quite a few years now. Hence, we have gained both the experience and expertise to provide what you need answer the doubts you may be having before making the decision. Our experts have created this piece highlighting and explaining how Ethernet First Mile broadband connection will be able to help your business grow further.

Beneficial information

The first thing you need to know and understand is the fact that, despite being not so costly EFM broadband provides the unique and highly beneficial opportunity of being exclusive. It means, when you are getting the connection, it is solely for your use. Hence, there won’t be any competition with other users regarding bandwidth, speed of internet and such. As you won’t be sharing the connection with any other user, there won’t be any problems like interruption or slow connection at the peak hours.

A little more explanation

This particular feature is something that makes EFM broadband so important and necessary for small and medium-sized businesses. When your business is small and young, you need to create favorable conditions within which it can function to earn the better, larger and more powerful position. The problem is, most of the small and medium-sized businesses often operate under shoestring budget. Hence, it becomes almost impossible for them to invest any extra money or go for expensive connections.

Manipulating your resources in the best possible way

Being the owner of a small or medium-sized business, your best bet is to make smart decisions which will save money, yet won’t affect the quality of products or services. To that end, EFM broadband will be the perfect choice. This connection is quite inexpensive in comparison to the other more traditional internet connections. Moreover, it brings the exclusivity you cannot access in the more expensive options. Hence, the fear of compromising with work quality won’t be there is Ethernet First Mile. It will help your business bloom and become bigger and better.

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More about Mysterious Martian Topography Revealed

More about Mysterious Martian Topography Revealed

Currently, the job of Mars Curiosity Rover sent by NASA, is to collect samples from the linear dunes on Mount Sharp to find out how the wind in the planet has helped shaping these dunes. Before this, in the months of February and April 2017, the rover has conducted an up-close study of these dunes that are situated in another planet.

A little bit of history and location

The previous information has been compared with the studies of the crescent-shaped dunes done by the rover in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The new darker region of the linear dunes is situated about 1 mile or 1.6 kilometers south and uphill from the crescent-shaped dunes. In the first stage, it is being concluded that the linear dunes are the result of very high-velocity winds.

Curiosity and its efforts

Additionally, both these types of dunes are parts of the larger layered region situated on the northwestern side of Mount Sharp. It is also the area where Curiosity is exploring since 2014 and finding newer and interesting things every day.

Name, fame and more detail

These dunes have been named Bagnold Dunes and the area is made of with dark sand that covers several kilometers in that stretch. Mission scientists are positive and enthusiastic to find out more about the workings of wind in the red planet to make differently shaped dunes. They are also hoping to learn if the wind has anything to do with the distribution of minerals amongst the dunes.

The expert speak

The head of Curiosity’s dune study Mathieu Lapotre of the Caltech University opines that the crescent dunes can be seen during the low wind season of the Martian year and the linear ones are seen during the high wind season. Wind-speed and direction are measured with the help of image pairs taken at different times. For material analysis, sand samples are taken by the sample-handling device attached with the rover’s arm. The analysis then happens in the Sample Analysis at Mars with the help of Chemistry and Mineralogy instruments.

How you can explore the universe?

In the future, Curiosity is bound to send more data and analyze more samples. To remain informed about these happenings and updates, you will need a robust and reliable EFM broadband. This will keep you connected with the world and such exciting news. At V4 Telecom, we have been providing an array of broadband connections and plans for you to choose from including ADSL broadband, FTTC broadband and such.

So, choose Ethernet First Mile or any other connection today and discovered more about the universe. You can also explore the videos NASA provides for a closer look over the internet.

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Advantages Brought on by Business Ethernet Connection

Advantages Brought on by Business Ethernet Connection

In this age of high-end technology and highly competitive market, requirement for uninterrupted communication has become really high. So, the internet connection of this age has to be high-speed, robust and agile and Ethernet connection fits that bill perfectly.

How we perceive the scenario

At V4 Telecom, we have been providing Ethernet services to our clients for a long time. In our years of being the service provider we have been asked various questions. One of the most frequently asked question is about the advantages Ethernet can bring to a business. If you are about to start a business and are thinking about getting business Ethernet connection, then knowing about the advantages will help a lot. Our experts have prepared this list consisting of the advantages a business Ethernet connection brings.

High-speed and cost-effective

It is a well-known fact that Ethernet connection is a high speed one. In comparison to some of the traditional internet connections, Ethernet has huge advantage in speed. Moreover, the cost of hiring such a connection and maintaining is less than other options. As it helps with a bunch of areas including communication, the cost of the connection gets reduced in the long run as well.

Convenient flexibility

In comparison to the fiber optics based internet connections, Ethernet connection is quite economic. So, the installation process won’t cost a lot. Moreover, due to the traditional structure, future upgrades will be possible and they will be less expensive.

Ease of installation

Ethernet is easier to install and configure than other network protocols. Hence, it saves both time and money which is quite beneficial for a business and its growth.

Connectivity to the backbone

Unlike other network protocols, Ethernet has better connectivity to the network backbone. It can assimilate with different choices such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Gigabit Ethernet, and routing switches due to ingenious backbone innovations.

Class of service

Ethernet has a support class of service or CoS which allows eight classes of service to be defined. This feature increases Ethernet’s attractiveness as a WAN, because it can be used and treated as an extension of LAN.

It is quite clear now that, these advantages and features make business Ethernet connection the perfect technology for high-performance network environments. Hence, it will be the perfect solution for your business. Choosing business Ethernet connection will help your business achieve its goals and success.

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Is Ethernet First Mile (EFM) a beneficial option for small businesses?

Is Ethernet First Mile (EFM) a beneficial option for small businesses?

EFM or Ethernet first mile is a low-cost leased line technology belonging to the Ethernet family. It is the connection of computer protocols between a client and a telecommunication company. From the client’s perspective it is their first mile and for the company, it is the last mile. EFM  offers symmetrical bandwidth at upto 20 Mbps speed.

Basic information about EFM

In the last few years, Ethernet first mile has gained both popularity and importance because of its less expensive nature and high-speed connection. At V4 Telecom, we provide robust, reliable, agile and affordable EFM connection and have been doing so for quite some time now. We understand your requirements and queries and our services have been designed to provide you the best possible solution.

Our answer to the question

As after years in the industry, we have experience, capability, skill and insight to address the above-mentioned question. Our team of experts has decided to answer the question is two aspects. At first we will address the facilities your business will enjoy after choosing Ethernet first mile and after that, we will address the advantages that will result from this collaboration.

The facilities you will get

•    By choosing EFM you are opting for faster internet connection
•    It will bring increased bandwidth which will make remote working possible
•    You will get voice over internet protocol
•    Reliable, clear and all around better quality video conferencing service will be accessible

The advantages of choosing EFM

•    Ethernet offer high-speed internet which enhances productivity, makes file upload and transfer faster which in turn enhances service or product quality.

•    One of the most important point about Ethernet first mile is it costs less that fibre EFM and SDSL connections. So, you can save money and use the same for other areas of your business.

•    By choosing EFM, you are ensuring one dedicated connection for your business. It won’t be shared with anybody. There will make sure that the bandwidth is not affected in any way and you won’t have any problems regarding speed or connection.

•    EFM will bring you the VOIP facility which will reduce your phone bill significantly without compromising the call quality or service availability.

•    This connection will ensure uninterrupted, high-quality video conference which in turn means better communication, better chances of cracking a deal and earn more profit.

In short, by choosing EFM or Ethernet first mile service you are helping your business to become reliable, stable and capable. Initially the investment may seem a bit too much, but as you start enjoying the benefits and see the positive results, opting for EFM will turn out to be the smartest decision you made.

If you’re interested in setting up a wireless network at your business, try V4 Telecom UK’s fixed line services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.