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Your Business will Bloom with Support from EFM Broadband

Your Business will Bloom with Support from EFM Broadband

EFM or Ethernet First Mile is basically a low-cost leased line providing internet connection unlike the expensive fibre based traditional leased line. In this age, remaining connected with the rest of the world, having a reliable and robust communication channel and internet connection is the necessity for every business. In most of the cases, business owners tend to think that, any broadband connection will do which is not smart thinking at all.

How we will be able to help

At V4 Telecom, we have been providing EFM broadband connection and services for quite a few years now. Hence, we have gained both the experience and expertise to provide what you need answer the doubts you may be having before making the decision. Our experts have created this piece highlighting and explaining how Ethernet First Mile broadband connection will be able to help your business grow further.

Beneficial information

The first thing you need to know and understand is the fact that, despite being not so costly EFM broadband provides the unique and highly beneficial opportunity of being exclusive. It means, when you are getting the connection, it is solely for your use. Hence, there won’t be any competition with other users regarding bandwidth, speed of internet and such. As you won’t be sharing the connection with any other user, there won’t be any problems like interruption or slow connection at the peak hours.

A little more explanation

This particular feature is something that makes EFM broadband so important and necessary for small and medium-sized businesses. When your business is small and young, you need to create favorable conditions within which it can function to earn the better, larger and more powerful position. The problem is, most of the small and medium-sized businesses often operate under shoestring budget. Hence, it becomes almost impossible for them to invest any extra money or go for expensive connections.

Manipulating your resources in the best possible way

Being the owner of a small or medium-sized business, your best bet is to make smart decisions which will save money, yet won’t affect the quality of products or services. To that end, EFM broadband will be the perfect choice. This connection is quite inexpensive in comparison to the other more traditional internet connections. Moreover, it brings the exclusivity you cannot access in the more expensive options. Hence, the fear of compromising with work quality won’t be there is Ethernet First Mile. It will help your business bloom and become bigger and better.

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Choosing the Right ADSL Broadband for Your Business

Choosing the Right ADSL Broadband for Your Business

ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is the one of the most popular and chosen broadband connection. The connection is provided through copper telephone lines and to avail this particular connection, you will need a working telephone. If you are thinking about choosing ADSL broadband for your business, then it is time to gather some knowledge about making the right choice.

The market and available options

There are multiple companies in the market and they are providing the services you want. Choosing the most suitable one amongst them will prove to be a difficult task. At V4 Telecom, we have been providing ADSL broadband connection and services for a long time. Hence, we have the experience and expertise to provide what you want and understand the questions you are dealing with before making the choice.

Understanding your situation and affordability

Additionally, we would like to point out that being the owner of a business you would need high-speed internet connection, but the kind of connection will depend on the size of the organisation. For instance, a large company will be easily able to afford a fiber optics based expensive leased line. On the other hand, a small business cannot afford to have that kind of connection. In such a situation, ADSL broadband is the best choice.

The points we would like to highlight

As there are loads of options available in the market, choosing one can be a tough job. Hence, our team of experts has compiled this list to help you make the right decision. We would like to add that, instead of searching without a clear strategy won’t do you much good. Therefore, it will only be fitting if you create a list of criteria and features before doing the research, it will turn the decision-making process simpler and more effective. The points you need to consider are:

•    The cost of getting and maintaining the ADSL broadband will help to choose the service provider. Deciding your budget and creating a list comparing the amount charged by different companies will help making the right decision.

•    Another point to consider is the contract length. Choosing a longer contract will help saving money, but switching the connection midway will be tougher. So, you need to consider the connection termination process carefully.

•    Comparing the downloading and uploading speed provided by different services providers will be a nice way to find the most suitable one.

•    Comparing the download limit will help to make the decision.

This way, you can choose the right ADSL broadband service provider with ease.

If you’re interested in setting up a wireless network at your business, try V4 Telecom UK’s fixed line services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.

It’s Time for Your Business to Enjoy M2M Solutions

It’s Time for Your Business to Enjoy M2M Solutions

As the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you will be forced to function within a limited budget. Managing everything within the budget is not an easy task. So, looking for ways that can help will be required. One such way will be M2M solutions or machine to machine solutions which are based on the wired or wireless connection powered communication between devices.

A little about us and our assistance

At V4 Telecom, we have been offering M2M solutions for a long time and have helped a lot of clients as well. If you are wondering about the services and whether your business needs it or not, then it is time to delve a little deeper. By doing so, you will gain a better and closer idea of the process and how it works. Additionally, knowing about the benefits will be interesting as well, because they will provide you reasons to make the right choice.

The benefits you will be enjoying

The points for which you should be choosing M2M solutions for your business are as follows:

•    It will provide you the option of constant monitoring and keeping an eye on the remote assets and operations.
•    Absence of expensive hardware will mean simpler functions and lower monthly costs will save money as well. In short, you will gain efficiency and competence without spending a huge amount. For a small or medium-sized business, accessing services without overshooting the budget is a great virtue.
•    Normally the M2M solutions providing company offers software and hosting too. This makes the process more reliable, convenient, simple and inexpensive.
•    By choosing machine to machine solutions, you are not limiting yourself to anything, rather you will have the perfect opportunity to adapt and change according to the requirement. Scalability is something that makes this particular facility so suitable for small scale businesses.
•    Industry standard encryption and authentication technology is used in this process. This way, the data will be safe and secure.
•    Along with keeping an eye on your assets round the clock, you can check the status of the assets and access them any time from any device with an internet connection.

Helping the growth of the business

These facilities are bound to help the business grow further and provide you the chance to run the organisation without much ado. Hence, M2M solutions are indeed good for your business and you should be opting for them as well.

If you’re interested in setting up a wireless network at your business, try V4 Telecom UK’s fixed line services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.

How ADSL broadband can help you save money?

How ADSL broadband can help you save money?

Asymmetric digital subscriber line or ADSL is the broadband connection known for better speed and greater work experience. Thousands of businesses are powered by ADSL broadband due to speed, resilience and reliability.

Our suggestions for help

If you are business owner and are contemplating going the ADSL way, then it is crucial to know about the advantages you will gain from such a decision. As V4 Telecom has been providing ADSL broadband for a long time, we are well aware of the benefits to choosing this option. Additionally, we can also help you save money by choosing ADSL. Our experts have compiled this list which will assist you in saving money and help your business further.

Availability of remote access in your office

The ADSL broadband connection you are choosing will allow the setting up of VPN or Virtual Private Network. This will be a secure way which will allow recognized users to access the remote network and do their work. This way, you can allow employees to have the work from home option which will result in happier staff, better productivity, efficient use of time, better customer service, sales and profit earning. Moreover, you won’t have to spend money on arranging office space, furniture, work-station and other related items.

Convenient inter branch connections

If your business has multiple branches, then having a secure inter branch VPN connection can save a lot of money. You don’t have to pay for multiple ADSL broadband connections. Choosing one and then getting the VPN will do the job.

VOIP will reduce the cost of telephone calls

Having an ADSL broadband connection will provide you with the facility of voice over internet protocol or VOIP. This way, you can make calls without spending too much money. For small businesses, one connection is enough to both make calls and access the internet. Larger businesses will need separate dedicated connections for internet and calls. Either way, it will save money and help your business further.

You can host personal server over ADSL

VPN works well for local systems, but when someone needs to access files and mail from overseas, problems will arise. To deal with that, you can host your personal server over ADSL. This won’t cost a lot, yet the benefit and convenience will be substantial.

So, by choosing ADSL broadband connection you are not only bringing speed and competence to your business, but saving money as well. This money can be used in other areas to help the business get better.

If you’re interested in setting up a wireless network at your business, try V4 Telecom UK’s fixed line services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.

Why fixed line service is still vital for your business?

Life has become more convenient and mobile due to high-end technology of the age. This trend is clear in every aspect of like and communication, rather telephonic communication system is no exception. It seems people are mostly dependent and making all their call the mobile telephone devices and fixed line service is dying.

The peek inside with us

This may be true in certain aspects and areas of life, but there is more to the matter. Research shows that more than 70% of the businesses depends and functions on fixed lines. So, if you are about to start a business or getting a telephone connection for the same, it will help to know why having a fixed line is so crucial for your business. For your convenience, our experts at V4 Telecom (a renowned, reliable and reputed telecom company with more than a decade of experience) have created this list which will be able to help.

The beneficial points

Exploiting the existing infrastructure: It is a well-known fact that, a lot of time and money have been invested to build the fixed line infrastructure. As most businesses are not as mobile as their customer base, it makes sense to have the fixed line.

Better call quality: Unlike mobile phones, fixed line connections normally offer better quality voice calls. As calls can be the making or breaking of a business, you should always choose the better option.

The expense: Despite various plans and offers available, you will find that your mobile phone costs you way more than that fixed line. Moreover, in a mobile connection you have to pay for calls and data separately, but in fixed line service there is the facility to enjoy unlimited calls along with unlimited data at significantly lower cost.

The reliability factor: Having a fixed line means you have a legitimate physical address. This adds credence to your existence and reliability. As most of the small businesses now have mobile numbers as their contact, it becomes really tough to find out if they have a physical address or not, whether they are what they are promising to be. Such things do not sit well with potential clients.

All the above-mentioned points clearly indicate the importance of having a fixed line and fixed line services for your business. The decision though, depends on you. For further queries contact us and explore our offers further.

Top 4 Text-To-Speech Apps for Android and iOS

Are you tired of looking at the screen all the time? Then get content ‘read out’to you through an app. There is a number of text-to-speech which can read out the content present either on the documents, online web pages or even in your notification. Check out four powerful and dynamic voice reading text apps for the Android and iOS platform.

Text to speech apps
Get freedom from staring at the screen with these interactive text-to-speech apps
  1. Voice Reading for Android

Voice Reading is a simple yet powerful text-to-speech client which easily read any kind of text present on your device. You can read ebooks, blogs, web pages and passed content from the URL by sharing it on the Voice Reading. It has a number of language options which can also help you in learning new languages.

  1. Pocket On Android

Pocket is a great app on Android possessing an inbuilt functionality for voice reading. Users are simply required to give a tap on the three dotted article while surfing the web and select Listen TTS option. The app will start reading the article in a gentle fashion. Users also get control over the playback and voice speed through a popup which helps in enhancing the overall experience.

  1. Natural Reader for iOS

Natural Reader as the name suggests can help in listening to anything from the eBooks, PDF’s to webpages. The advantage of using this app is that it can easily turn any printed document or eBooks into audio files for later usage. This can boost your productivity as it allows multitasking wherein you can listen to the eBooks and other content while walking, running or commuting. It also makes proofreading more effective for the concerned users.

  1. Listen to Pocket- Lisgo for iOS

If you are running low on time and couldn’t read your favorite blogs and articles then make use of this app. Lisgo will save the articles and URL’s for later reading and you can even make it read it to you while you do other tasks. Lisgo works on the devices running on iOS 8.

You can check out some of the great fixed line service plans from V4 Telecom which can help you in making most of these text-to-speech apps while at home or in office.

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UK will remain leader in fixed broadband in EU till 2020

UK emerges as a prime leader in the superfast broadband category which takes speed 30 Mbps and above. This report has been compiled by Analysys Mason and has been funded by BT to find out the countries which have brought better measures to increase the potential of broadband service.

Among the five major economies which dominate the European Union UK has again shown it dominance in the field of broadband services. The subsequent dominance of UK is a result of adopting stringent regulatory practices which result in better service and reliable connectivity to the masses. This report has claimed that UK is likely to keep its leadership in broadband segment till 2020.

UK broadband service
UK is best among the five major economies in EU when it comes to broadband segment performance.

UK fares against a number of EU states

This report compares the UK broadband market against other major states in EU which include France, Italy, Spain and Germany along with Portugal and Sweden for this year’s report. This report also features small states like Romania and others which have shown a surprisingly faster average broadband speed but their availability rates were scarce. In short, UK customers tend to get better service coupled with attractive broadband deals which have helped them in scaling up their businesses and other tasks.

The demand for faster broadband has made telecom players and internet service providers to create new unlimited broadband plans and services. It has even urged them to invest in latest technologies, equipment and other channels.

Report offers great insight into UK’s digital infrastructure

UK has taken an extensive regulatory approach which has helped in boosting its broadband position in Europe. This regulatory approach resulted in bringing customer centric highly affordable and reliable broadband plans through induction of internet providers who adheres to the guidelines in the truest sense. A number of telecom companies and broadband service provider has started making huge investments in the plans towards rolling out ultrafast or superfast networks for the end users.

Currently, the ultrafast network covers more than 50% region of UK. The prominent telecom players are investing hugely to increase their coverage and reach throughout the UK which ultimately brings high-speed networking capability to the consumers. It should be further understood that UK has a highly competitive broadband market which makes it incredibly difficult for the broadband providers to outshine each other.

V4 Telecom has maintained a healthy rate of growth in the past few years wherein it has helps hundreds of thousands of consumers in UK to get hold of high-performance broadband service. V4 Telecom has established a highly responsive and prompt customer support system which helps in resolving the issues in real time.

If you’re interested in setting up a broadband network at your business, try V4 Telecom UK’s fixed line services, ADSL, phone systems and broadband plans, visit us at V4 Telecom UK  or call us at 0800 038 6333. Make the shift.