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Top 3 On Hold Marketing Ideas You Should Try Today

Top 3 On Hold Marketing Ideas You Should Try Today

Most of the small businesses fail to understand the advantage the on-hold marketing offers to them in the long as well as short run. On-hold messaging is simply seen as a basic or unproductive communication tool which serves very little to the organisation. The basic reason behind unproductive on-hold marketing strategy is that such systems are designed to ‘greet, help & direct and thank’ users and it also acts a buffer to keep users occupied while waiting for the representative.

On the contrary the small businesses should use the on-hold marketing systems to ‘promote, advertise and sell’ thereby effectively turning your phone system into an active salesman. Here is the top 3 on-hold marketing which you should try today.

1. Provide facts which lead into product introductions

A number of researches have shown that educated customers are more likely to make decision quickly and they happen to be highly confident about their purchases. Business should utilize their on-hold messaging by providing information to the callers which allows them to see the benefit of certain product or service. This is one of the most widely used on hold marketing tactic while helps in boosting the overall sales of the said product or service in question.

2. Stress the urgency of time-sensitive offers

Time is critical for business and so is true for the consumers. When customers are calling from your location of business then they are just a step away from buying products and services with you. But you have to guide them to make than purchasing decision and it can be done by offering highly time-sensitive offers which urges them to act fast. Time-sensitive offers are known to offer great conversion rates to the business with on-hold marketing but it shouldn’t be forceful or misleading in any form as you will up in irking your loyal customer base.

3. Show customers how you can solve their problems

It is worth noting that customers don’t know how certain product or service going to solve their problem. Businesses should make use of the on-hold messaging to inform users how their product or service works towards addressing their problem and providing a solution for the same. This will help in not just introducing the product or service to caller but it also gives them a better understanding on how it can help in eliminating the problem in question.

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How to reduce customer irritation with on hold marketing?

How to reduce customer irritation with on hold marketing?

When you are the owner of a business, it is crucial to think about the customers. Clients and customers are the most important parts of a business, because if there is no one to buy or sell the products or services or both, your business does not exist. So, you always need to put more effort in customer services and keeping your clients happy. The process of on hold marketing is a nice option to appease your customers.

The general scenario and a little explanation

When a customer calls your business, and you are too busy to answer the call right away, he/she will go through a computerized message informing about the situation and assuring him/her that the call will be answered momentarily. This message is considered to be a staple one when it comes to customer services and the calls and often people get irritated by such messages. Hence, you will be wise to use this time to lessen the customer’s irritation, capture his/her interest and continue the communication. The very concept of on hold marketing is based on this point.

The solution you need

If you were worried about the rising pressure of calls and losing customers due to irritation, then it is time to feel better and find peace. This is because; the phone service provider you have hired can help with on hold marketing. It may seem surprising, but the phone service providers often provide the on hold marketing service as well. At V4 Telecom, we have been providing an array of phone services including on hold marketing for a long time. Therefore we have both the experience and expertise to understand your requirement and design the service accordingly.

Delving a bit deeper for information

Our team of experts has created this piece highlighting and explaining the questions coming to your mind regarding on hold marketing. The first thing we would like to point out that, when a customer calls your business, he/she mostly comes with a complaint or enquiry. In most of the cases, the caller has to wait for some time before talking to the business representative or customer service representative. During that period of lull, the caller get to hear either music or some recorded message urging him/her to be patient. Such messages create a lot of irritation and end up costing you the existing or potential customer.

Making the smart decision

If you do not want to worry about that, then choosing on hold marketing service will be a smart decision. Under this service, the caller will be hearing about interesting offers and other helpful information regarding the business. It will appease their irritation and boost your business.

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How to help your business with on hold marketing?

How to help your business with on hold marketing?

Handling customer calls properly is quite important for a business. As, in a business multiple calls come at the same time and despite having dedicated people to handle these calls, it is possible that some of the callers will be one hold foe short period of time. When something like this happens, the caller on hold tends to listen to music. On hold marketing is the ingenious way of using that seemingly boring time for marketing purposes.

Understanding on hold marketing

The very notion of on hold marketing lies in the fact that, the caller should never be felt ignored or bothersome. It is possible that you are unable to take the call right away, but that should never be the reason to lose the caller or instigate wrath in him/her. As a reliable and reputed organisation offering on hold marketing services, we at V4 Telecom understand your requirements. Hence, our experts have come up with this list which will help your business using on hold marketing strategically.

The points to be noted

As the base of this particular kind of marketing is in the message the callers listen to, it is crucial to take care of that part first. If you use on hold marketing properly, it will not only keep the callers interested, but help your business amplify as well. Before recording the massage for the callers, you need to consider a few points. For instance,

•    You need to find out if you like the message you have scripted and recorded or not. It is always better to record and then listen, because there is a huge difference between written words and the recorded message. Based on the speaker’s temperament, voice quality, diction, pronunciation and expressed emotions, a simple welcoming message can turn into a menacing rant or a boring message can turn out to be effective. So, checking the message as the callers will listen it will be required.

•    You need to find out the time your customers are on hold. This will decide the length and number of messages. For instance, if the on hold time is long, then you will need multiple messages, because one long message or one short message on repeat will never impress the caller. If the on hold time is short, then you need to create a message that will fit in.

•    Before recording the message though, you need to know audience. This will help you to create the right kind of message, impress the caller and help your business.

This way, on hold marketing will be able to help your business and bring in more profit.

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Don’t want callers to hear boring music while on hold? Try on hold marketing instead

Don’t want callers to hear boring music while on hold? Try on hold marketing instead

If you have ever made a call to the customer service center for any reason, you must have been kept hold for the short amount of time before a dedicated customer care executive has been assigned to solve your problem. During this period, you have heard either some soothing music or information on various latest and interesting offers from the company. This process is known as on hold marketing.

Why you need on hold marketing?

In most of the cases, small businesses cannot afford to have large budgets for marketing. They tend to use the available amount strategically to generate results. On hold marketing is an effective and beneficial way of marketing for small businesses. Large businesses normally play music when they put a customer on hold which becomes irritating to the caller. This is where small businesses can bank on.

How we can help

We at V4 Telecom have been offering on hold marketing service for a long time and helping a lot of clients. By choosing this service you will ensure facilities like on hold marketing messages, professional voicemail, auto attendant voicing, announcements, out of hours messaging and such.   These facilities will provide certain unique and effective benefits to your business. We have compiled this list of benefits which will help you to understand the importance of choosing this service better.

Prevention of sale loss and money

As a business you have to pay for leads. Additionally, every ring on your phone is a potential client. If the caller hangs up the phone before you attend and serve them, you are losing the sale and the money you paid for that lead is also turned redundant. In short, you are losing money in both counts. If your caller can listen to exciting offers and schemes while on hold, he/she will be less stressed and frustrated. This will buy you time to attend the call, serve the caller, provide better calling experience and save the situation.

Inducing brand awareness and customer loyalty

When someone is calling for the first time to enquire about your store hours or a specific product or service or about an advertisement you published, it is their first exposure to your business. In such a situation on hold marketing message will give them a reliable and interesting sneak peek into your business. This will put their worries and doubts to rest, introduce your products or services in an effective way and result in brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Increase in sales and profit

Every time someone contacts you, it is a chance to gain another customer or sell another product or service. You cannot possible know what products the caller is looking for. So, giving a preview of your products and services will be a nice way to attract them, convert the call into sale and earn more profit.

So, instead of playing music, use on hold marketing strategy, and watch your business, grow every day.

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